Photo Gallery: Foundation for Hospital Art Service Project


Partnering with the Foundation for Hospital Art, the Theology Department organized a schoolwide service project on Wednesday, November 20. Students reported to the gym during their theology class period and painted pre-drawn canvas murals to be hung up in hospitals as a way to provide comfort, love, and happiness.

“This project layers in an aspect of mercy people don’t usually think about, that painting and art can actually help people who are in hospitals by exhibiting Christ’s love,” theology teacher Mrs. Lindsey Farrell said. “In theology we lecture all the time about service, so this gave us a chance to ‘walk the talk’ and become a living example of our curriculum.”

St. Pius X and the Foundation for Hospital Art have a long partnership, with the football team and faculty participating in numerous projects with the group several times over the past few years.

According to the foundation’s website, it was founded in 1984 and has worked with 1 million volunteers to donate more than 48,000 paintings to over 5,000 hospitals in 195 countries.