“Now we have a nice little family”

In addition to his students, Mr. Spellman has also taken care of several plants at St. Pius X for the past 20+ years


Staff photo

Since his first year as principal in 2000, Mr. Spellman has watered these plants just inside the main lobby every Friday. He has a few more in his office as well, and said he plans on giving them to someone who will take care of them when he retires this month.

Ava Godbey, Staff Writer

It is no secret that St. Pius X president Mr. Steve Spellman has a soft spot for his beloved students, but did you know that he’s also nurtured several plants on campus over the past 20 years?  With his official retirement finally here after more than 50 years in education, Mr. Spellman shared details about these plants and his plans for the future.

What does a typical day in your life look like? 

I get up at 4:45 a.m. to LA Fitness and work out and then I get to the office ten minutes to 7:00 a.m. and just look at what the day holds and anything I need to do leftover. I always go to mass at 7:15 a.m. when we have the morning masses and after that however the day presented. 

Would you say that you have a green thumb? 

No, not at all. It is funny because there are three plants up in the front lobby. One of them was a gift when I came 20 years ago, and I have kept that thing alive by watering it every Friday and giving it a haircut every once in a while. There are two little ones that were going to be thrown out, and I took them and now we have a nice little family. 

Who do you think will take care of them after you leave St. Pius? 

I am going to give them to someone who will take good care of them. 

Do you have any in your office? 

Yes! That one up there is actually alive. Sally Varner (Class of ‘16) gave me that when she graduated and went to West Point. I actually sent her a picture of the plant with the caption “still alive.” 

Do you think you will garden when you retire? 

No, I hope not. Maureen, my wife, likes to do that, but not me, not all the time. 

What do you think your life will look like after St. Pius? 

I don’t know. I’m a little scared because I have never had a life before that. My dad retired from the Navy and then went right back in with a civilian job. I think I’m going to help with the capital campaign so we can keep building the campus. 


Students, faculty, parents, never fear: Mr. Spellman and his green thumb may be retiring, but he will never be far from the heart of St. Pius.