Students celebrate Easter with Mass and other fun family traditions

Eva Springer, Staff Writer

Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, is an exciting holiday for many. While most students at St. Pius X regularly celebrate by going to Mass, there are many non-religious traditions that students partake in as well. Whether you grew up with the Easter bunny or not, each family has its unique traditions. 

“The night before Easter we decorate eggs, then overnight the Easter bunny hides the eggs. On Easter morning we wake up and there’s a basket with gifts on the table, then we go on an egg hunt. After that, we come inside and hard boil some of the colorful eggs and eat them. After going to church, we visit my grandparents’ house and our family has a huge Easter egg hunt,” said senior Amelia Klein.

Baskets left behind by the Easter bunny are similar to stockings being filled by Santa Claus. These baskets typically include chocolate bunnies, individually wrapped candies, arts and crafts items, and occasionally an expensive gift. For some, the Easter egg hunt is the profitable part of Easter.

“The most prized find in our Easter egg hunt is the golden eggs, which have $2 inside,” said sophomore Emily Kelly. 

For others, rather than an egg hunt or gifts in a basket, their family opts for a big dinner and a movie night. 

“We wake up early to get Honey Baked Ham from the grocery store. My grandparents always come over for dinner and we watch a movie at night. We always wear Easter-themed dresses with Spring colors, and we decorate the house with Easter eggs and Spring colors,” said senior Marie Richard. 

“We watch ‘The Godfather’ every Easter,” said senior Natalie Ficco.

A more traditional and less popular way to celebrate Easter is doing an egg roll. This originated in England and Germany where children push eggs downhill resembling the rolling away of the rock from Jesus Christ’s tomb when he was resurrected. For some, this tradition is still celebrated.

“Since we live on a hill, each year my neighborhood hosts an egg roll where whoever’s egg gets the furthest wins a load of candy,” said sophomore Sydney Anderson. 

While Easter is first and foremost a day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, families find ways to make it memorable with a variety of traditions, both big and small.