Sean Laubenthal: The face of SPX wrestling

The four-year varsity standout credits confidence and focus for his 84 career wins


Senior Sean Laubenthal fights to pin an opponent at a home match

Every athlete at St. Pius X works hard both in and out of season to get faster, stronger, and better, but the grueling and rigid training program for the varsity wrestlers is unmatched by any sport. From doing drills and lifting weights to running laps and monitoring their weight, these wrestlers are the definition of toughness, especially senior Sean Laubenthal.

Laubenthal competes with an edge that spectators can see both in person and on paper. With 84 career wins and counting he is undoubtedly a winner, but his story goes beyond the numbers.

Laubenthal, a four-year varsity letterman, arrived at St. Pius well prepared to tackle high school wrestling thanks to numerous clinics with trainer Arturo Holmes beginning in the 7th grade.

Although not exactly a household name, Holmes is well-known in the wrestling world. Holmes, who wrestled in college at Oklahoma and Old Dominion, is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame the owner of The Wrestling Center in Smyrna, Ga.

“He is the one who got me interested in wrestling and bettered my abilities,” Laubenthal said.

Like many athletes, especially those who compete in contact sports, Laubenthal is no stranger to injuries.

“My knee surgery sophomore year was my most devastating injury,” Laubenthal said. “I’m not going to lie, it was pretty difficult to come back, but it helped me become the wrestler I am today.”

Despite the setback, the eight-year veteran maintained a confident mindset in wake of adversity, which he said is the foundation for his success. Teammates have also taken notice of mental strength.

“Sean does not have any superstitions, but he always stays calm and collected before a match. His mindset is focused on execution,” senior wrestler Dominic Thomas said.

Thomas, who was crowned region champ for his weight class last weekend, has wrestled with Laubenthal since middle school. Their chemistry is immediately noticeable, and the two are considered the face of the team.

“Sean has a lot of experience and freestyle, so he shows me new things all the time,” Thomas said. “We usually wrestle folk style, so he shows me new things. He has been really helpful to me.”

Laubenthal has enjoyed a winning record thus far in his career, but he’s hoping to rack up a few more along the way in the state tournament as he works on achieving his goal of placing in his weight class. The state tournament takes place Saturday, February 9 and Wednesday, February 13.