Meet your Student Council leaders

You may know their names, but what do your class leaders actually do?


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In addition to being way too comfortable sitting this close together, what else do these guys have in common? They're all members of the Student Council. (L to R: Junior Frankie Maloof, senior Henry Guynn, senior Mathew Gregg)

Feel like you have leadership ability, charisma, a flair for bureaucracy, or maybe even a taste for power? A position on the Student Council might be right for you. Some of St. Pius X’s most dedicated leaders, the Student Council representatives, have agreed to spill the tea on their experiences this year.

What made you want to get into the student government?

Senior Caroline Hollensbe Student Body President: I loved planning things, and I always feel bad about the people who are in charge of things because they get criticized. Sometimes I want to criticize the people in charge, but I realized that it was more responsible if I became active in the process, rather than criticizing it from afar.

Sophomore Owen McCurdy Sophomore Class President: I thought it’d be a fun way to get even more involved with Pius. It’s also good to be able to change something if you want to. I just kind of decided one day ,and I asked Rose and she was like, “yeah.”

Sophomore Rose Porter Sophomore Class President: Yeah. I just like being able to have a say in things.

Senior Henry Guynn Senior Class President: I just felt like I had good relationships with my peers and the staff at Pius, and I thought I could be a bridge between the two. I would say I was like inspired by Mr. Abbott or Ms. Briscoe.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Junior Frankie Maloof Junior Class President: I love helping out and making decisions.

Senior Caroline Oliver Senior Council President: I love the pool.

Guynn: I like the power it gives me over the underclassmen. I could fire them at any moment.  

Hollensbe: I like to choose everything. I’m a control freak.

What’s the worst thing about your job?

Hollensbe: Emailing. I hate it.

Maloof: I’m actually the only junior class representative because the other one transferred. We actually put together a cabinet, though, for next year, with four other people helping out, which has been great. It’s actually going to probably be better because we have more people involved. It’s also hard to make everyone happy.

McCurdy: Coming in early [for weekly meetings before school].

Guynn: *chews*

How much power do you have? Are you puppet rulers? Tell us about what happens behind the scenes.

Hollensbe: The administration been really helpful at helping us come to a comfortable compromise. There’s a lot that they have to take account of, and a lot that happens behind the scenes.

Maloof: Everything has to get approved by the administration, but we have a lot of power. The Junior Council is a lot less powerful than the Student Council, though.

McCurdy: We have a lot of power. I didn’t expect that. We’re very powerful.

Porter: Not so much us when we’re at, like, Sophomore Council, but when we’re with the whole council, we have a lot of say.