CMLA basketball league popular with students


Senior boys representing Christ the King join hands with their opponents from another school before a CMLA game.

Anna Galvin, Staff Writer

High school basketball leads the pack when it comes to exciting sports at St. Pius X, and each athlete displays incredible talent and athleticism that makes us all wish we could be on the court. Most students, unfortunately, never have the chance to play in the spotlight at the varsity level with their school cheering them on. Luckily for those students, CMLA exists. 

The Catholic Metro League of Atlanta (CMLA) basketball league provides a more laid-back version of one of the most popular sports at St. Pius. Whether students have previously played basketball, got cut in try-outs, never touched a ball, or simply don’t have time for the demanding hours of the JV or varsity teams, CMLA accommodates for every situation. 

For most competitors, this league supplies them with just the right amount of competition and fun. With only one practice a week and a Sunday game, students can easily keep up with school work and other extracurriculars in an enjoyable, relaxed setting. 

“I like that I can play both lacrosse and CMLA basketball without worrying about any overlap,” senior Henry Guynn said. 

Athletes play through a parish in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, such as Christ the King (CTK) or Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM), and each parish plays each other. Any high school student may play, even if he or she is not a member of the particular parish they are playing for. 

The relaxed atmosphere draws in a lot of players.

“Practices are probably my favorite part,” senior Maggie Braswell said. “They give me a nice break in the middle of my week to destress and hang out with my friends.” 

While some students like to go into games with no expectations, other students, like senior Christa Brunner, go in with some strategies in their back pocket.

“My game plan tends to be me just shooting the ball from wherever I’m standing. It works like 15 percent of the time,” she claimed.

For senior Joe Castro, the friendly competition gives him a reason to play. 

“I enjoy playing against my friends,” he said. “It makes games a lot more interesting and gives me the drive to play harder.”

Whatever motivates them to play, CMLA provides students a positive outlet to release stress and compete with friends. Sign up for next season in November!