“We’re ready to represent and win”

Boys’ soccer team tackles a new season


Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Junior Theo Jobson battles for the ball in a game against Parkview on January 30. The team began the season with a 2-1 record.

Cal Petersen, Staff Writer

As winter sports are nearing the end of their seasons, six spring sports are back up and running again, including varsity boys’ soccer. 

Tryouts in mid-January were intense.

“They were competitive due to a high amount of skilled players trying out this year,” junior defender Cameron West said. 

To prepare for tryouts, many of the players trained hard during the off-season with cardio, footwork, and even club team competitions.

Senior defender Conlin Muller, for example, took advantage of the open fields on campus during the offseason. 

I usually go to Pius on the weekends leading up to tryouts and train to get my touch and all back and ready for the season,” he said. 

The team has enjoyed being back on the field with one another so far. As with any team at the start of the season, there is an adjustment period as they get used to playing together.

“The first few practices were tough but very good, working and improving a lot,” said senior midfielder Matthew McGee, who has high hopes for the season.

“I think the team will have a lot of success,” McGee said. “We have a good team with lots of talent. . .I think if our team works hard enough, we have a very high chance to win state this year,” he said.

As a veteran leader on the team this season, McGee knows the importance of setting a good example for the younger guys on the team.  

“The senior members got together and discussed what we wanted for the season and the best strategies to have success,” McGee said. 

The team currently has a record of 2-1. After losing their opened to 7A Parkview, they defeated 7A Peachtree Ridge 1-0 and 7A Mill Creek 2-1. Their next game is home against Starr’s Mill on Thursday, February 13 at 7:30 pm. 

“You can be expecting to see very big things from the team this season,” Muller said. “We’re ready to represent and win.”