Inspired by Springsteen, Mr. Scirocco goes on tour with rock band

The S Street Band kicks off “An Offer You Can’t Refuse” tour next month in Jersey


Mr. Scirocco and his band will tour the US this summer. “A shelter in place order is no match for me and my guys,” he said. “America needs us now more than evah.”

Hunter Minne, Staff Writer

By day he’s an English teacher, by night he’s a global rock icon with the looks and voice of Bruce Springsteen. Either way, he’s a terrific storyteller from Jersey who’s got the energy and the beats, but he only dances in the dark.

He is Mike “The Boss” Scirocco.

Both born in the USA, Mr. Scirocco has always felt a connection to Springsteen.

“He’s my kindred spirit,” Mr. Scirocco said as he wiped his brow after a long session on his spin bike. “We both come from the streets of Jersey. He got his start at a little joint in Asbury Park called The Stone Pony. Well I grew up near there, and every summer I return to run on the boardwalk right past The Stone Pony. We’re basically the same person.

“Anyway, I figured after 40 years I’ve finally nailed this whole teaching thing, so why not branch out a little and be more like the greatest American musician of my lifetime?”

So, a few months ago he decided to form a band.

“It’s called The S Street Band. It’s a great name, right? I was watching ‘The Godfather’ one night and boom, it hit me out of nowhere, like a slice of salami across the face,” Mr. Scirocco said.

He is the vocalist and lead guitarist, (“I’m the alpha male of the group and the cameras love me, so it’s a natural fit for me”), and the band also includes fellow paisan Mr. Dennis Ruggiero on drums and Ryan Gosling “on the keys.”

“When I saw him in ‘La La Land,’ I knew he had to be mine,” Mr. Scirocco said

They’re still looking for a saxophonist, but for now John Legend is filling in.

“We just haven’t found anyone with the right vibe for the group, know what I mean? They’ve gotta bring the juice, baby!” he said as he did a spin move while running a stick across some wind chimes. “But John has the fire. Maybe he’ll stick around permanently, who knows.”

The S Street Band and their An Offer You Can’t Refuse Tour kicks off next month in Jersey City and runs through the summer.  Other stops include Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York City, Hoboken, Atlantic City, and the streets of Philadelphia.

The Atlanta show on July 15 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be a special concert benefiting the St. Pius X Annual Fund.

“I want our school rolling in the dough, baby. By the end of the night, I want us counting stacks of money so high that the Gambinos and the rest of the Five Families are jealous,” Mr. Scirocco said. “Our beats are infectious. After a night with me and the S Street Band, the crowd will be begging to empty their pockets if it means just one more encore.”

He has a reserved front-row section for a special list of carefully cultivated VIPs who have inspired his life.

“Shakira, Paula Abdul (I almost dated her), a young Marlon Brando, and a young Clint Eastwood. Those are my people, my family,” Mr. Scirocco explained. “In fact I got the idea for our new hit single, ‘Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli’ after watching Brando on the silver screen.”

Opening for The S Street Band is The Kielbasas, a cover band featuring Mr. Griffith, Mr. Sherwood, Mr. Leiner, and Dr. Lauer.

We’ll see you there!