Neighborhoods decorate windows, lawns to spread positivity

Hunter Minne, Staff Writer

Whether it’s from boredom, cabin fever, or just finally having more time to exercise, many people are using this time to spend more time outside while still practicing social distancing. Some ride bikes while others run or take walks, but overall the streets have recently been full of people soaking up the sun.

Neighborhoods are using this increase in outdoor activities to spread goodwill and hope by decorating their windows and lawns with signs and other interesting items such as these.


As one of the most common window decorations, children, or even adults just trying to spread positivity, paint rainbows on sheets of paper and place them in windows. According to You Magazine, the trend originated in Italy and Spain where the coronavirus has been present for a while, but the rainbows soon spread around the world following the global outbreak. The basic meaning is that there will be a rainbow at the end of this storm, so hold on. Plus, who doesn’t like a hand-painted rainbow? They’re beautiful!

Teddy Bears

If rainbows are the easiest to spot from neighborhood streets, teddy bears are probably the hardest. Based on the 1989 children’s book by Michael Rosen called, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” communities are encouraged to place teddy bears in their windows to create a scavenger hunt for kids stuck at home. Countless neighborhoods across the country have organized their own bear hunts so children and families can have a fun distraction. The Brookhaven Police Department even organized its own bear hunt last month, proving that a little effort can go a long way in this rough time.  

Everything Will Be OK

These small black and white signs are simple, yet uplifting and have garnered national attention even though they’ve been a local staple for quite some time. Distributed by the non-profit organization Create Dunwoody–which is based out of, you guessed it, Dunwoody, GA–all money raised through sales of the yard sign goes to helping Dunwoody artists and galleries whose businesses are trying to survive amidst a historic economic collapse. These special signs have been featured on CNN, GMA, the AJC, the Daily Mail, CBS 46, FOX 5 Atlanta, USA Today, 11 Alive, and now, most impressively, on the SPX Golden Lines. Not only do they offer a comforting message, they’re also supporting a good cause and highlighting a symbol of Atlanta pride that everybody loves. 

Painted Rocks

Also fairly common are groups of small rocks painted with colorful messages and patterns that are placed by mailboxes, sidewalks, or other high-traffic areas so you have a good view of the multitude of designs. Sometimes these rocks can also be community efforts as opposed to a solo gallery when many people add their stones to the pile. After all, the more the merrier. If you happen to have any extra paint lying around at home, consider painting rocks as a fun way to pass the time and brighten someone else’s day.


The items mentioned above are just a small example of how some neighborhoods are doing something positive with their free time. In reality you can make anything you want to if you sit down and put your mind to it. Wooden boards can become easels, mailboxes can become masterpieces, and a simple rainbow could make someone’s day. 

That’s the power of creativity, bringing us together even when we are technically apart.