Glimpses of goodness can be found in 2020

Ellie Ballew, Staff Writer

When people are asked about the year 2020 so far, they only mention everything that’s gone wrong and what they hate about this year. 

Between all of the stress, illness, and isolation, it’s easy to get bogged down in negativity and pessimism. Before you toss this year aside though and call it a complete waste, try not to overlook some of the good that has resulted from our new way of life.  

“I think some good things that have come out of quarantine are stronger (albeit electronic) connection to people, new hobbies, and more opportunities to go outside and enjoy nature,” junior Caitlin Noble said. 

For example, she discovered a new passion.  

“If it hadn’t been for Covid, I probably would have just gone back to varsity diving this year, but because they said the teams are going to be smaller this year, I’ve decided to try a new sport: rock climbing,” she explained. 

Noble hasn’t joined a team yet, however, she is very excited about this new opportunity. 

“I wanted to try a sport that was more unconventional and my dad already owned harnesses, chalk bags, carabiners, [and other equipment], so I figured it is the perfect sport to try out,” Noble said.

Junior Bianca Cardona, agreed, saying that she’s come to “appreciate friends and family more” because it has been harder to visit them. 

Like most Americans, she’s had to adapt to a new way of doing things for the past several months and had enjoyed doing fun outdoor activities like a drive-through birthday party, picnics outdoors, and running with her dad. 

However, if we never had quarantine, Cardona believes she would be having an easier time in school, visiting friends more often with her newly acquired license, and going out to eat at restaurants with her family.

These glimpses of goodness may be small compared to almost 12 months of hardship and devastation, but there are rays of hope and positive changes to carry over into 2021.