Freshmen, this article is just for you

Here are my tips and strategies to succeed in high school

Christian Eaglen, Staff Writer

As everyone knows, due to Covid-19 the school year has been turned upside down, from students switching from rooms to Zooms and vice versa, to new rules and an uncertain future.

While it’s been an extremely strange time of adaptation for everyone, one group is facing a larger share of challenges: Freshmen. It’s tough enough being a little fish in a huge new pond during a normal year, but starting high school in the middle of a global pandemic comes with its own set of difficulties. 

To help the Class of 2024 overcome some of the challenges they may face this school year, I’ve compiled a list of strategies to assist them as they adapt to high school life, particularly in light of Covid.

One area that many freshmen are prone to struggle with is managing the new academic culture. 

When asked what were some of her strategies for getting through high school, senior Sophia Costarides advised freshmen to “be organized and try hard in your classes,” while stressing the importance of taking advantage of potentially easier classes compared to what they’ll have as upperclassmen

School Counselor Mrs. Jennifer Gibbs agreed and added that there are as many solutions for freshmen as there are problems. She encouraged students to reach out to their counselor if they need help with organization and time management. 

An additional stressor is online classes.

“It’s a lot harder to learn from teachers [while Zooming],” freshman Alex Hand said.

Some students have opted to remain at home all semester and be full-time virtual learners, and others may find themselves having to Zoom in for a few weeks while they quarantine.

To help combat the difficulty of paying attention and remaining on task while attending class from home, here are some of my strategies to succeed with online learning.

Clear your area of distractions as much as possible. Close all open tabs, clear your desk, and leave your phone flipped over and off to the side.

Eat healthily! Having a balanced diet is always a good choice and it has a variety of benefits, such as a clearer head and a better feeling body.

Write using pencil and paper. Teachers say this every year, but using pencil and paper to take notes, even in normal school time, allows for the brain to retain information much more effectively than through typing or just not taking notes. 

However, high school isn’t just about trying to get the grades you need to get into your dream school, at least not if you want to have fun and enjoy yourself for the next four years, anyway. The social element of high school is also extremely important, but it can be hard to make friends in such an isolated age.

Here are some  of my best tips to help you make the best of your time at St. Pius X.

Join a club. Despite all the changes that have occurred, clubs have remained a social hub here at school. Groups such as the Math Club, Latin Club, Robotics Club, and dozens of others have ample opportunities to make friends.

As Mrs. Gibbs said, clubs “are a great way to make friends in a smaller group setting.” 

Join a sport. Sports, like clubs, are a great choice if you want to get involved. Sports also provide a way to stay in shape while still meeting new people.

Arrange meetups. While it’s easier said than done, if you find that you really click with a new classmate, make an effort to hang out with them both in and out of school. Yes, it’s more challenging in this socially-distanced world we now live in, but it will all be worth it when you expand your network of friends.

I know it’s tough right now, freshmen, but hang in there. I promise it gets easier!