Students participate in Rise Against Hunger

Two-day event packaged 30,000 meals for those in need across the globe

Alex Smith, Staff Writer

The theology department hosted a two-day event last month where students and faculty came together and put the teachings of our Catholic faith into action by working with the organization Rise Against Hunger.

Students reported to the back gym during their theology class period on October 22 and 23, and they spent their time assembling 30,000 food packages. The process involved filling bags with dry rice, vegetables, and beans, sealing the food in airtight packaging, and boxing up the bags to be distributed to countries across the world.

“This was a great experience,” junior Luke Urban said. “I feel like I helped someone in need and someone who is suffering. Through my years at St. Pius, this has been my favorite type of Work of Mercy because I feel as if I am helping someone directly and it makes me feel proud of my community.”

Rise Against Hunger founder Ray Buchanan has made ending global hunger his life’s goal. He works with three different hunger organizations, which provide millions of dollars’ worth of food and support to those who desperately need it. The hunger rate has increased by 8.9% since 2004. That number may sound small, but in reality it means that 690 million people go through their day without food and sometimes without water. 

Theology teacher Mrs. Lindsey Farrell was the main organizer of this event. 

“I originally started as a theology teacher but wanted to do more than just teach theology–I wanted to put the class into action,” she said about what inspired her to find the service project.

“Caring for our neighbors and wanting to integrate it into our classrooms was what sparked me to want to add works of mercy into theology class,” she continued.  “I volunteered to research the Rise Against Hunger group after the 2017 senior class donated to that organization. Originally we were supposed to do two projects a year but with Covid-19 we are limited to only one.”

In only a small amount of time, our school community made a big difference in the world.