Dance, music programs collaborate for virtual Christmas Concert

Elizabeth Hong, Editor-in-Chief

While this year may have been a bit dismal, the St. Pius X Dance Company invites you to have some fun as 2020 comes to an end by watching their online Christmas dance performance on December 16 and 17. The Christmas Concert will also feature collaborative performances from the Band, Chorus, and Guitar programs

Company’s performance this year is a fun, upbeat hip-hop piece that brings energy to the holiday season. The dancers want to bring a bit of joy into an otherwise hectic year with their piece, and have worked very hard to make that possible. 

Senior Hadley Nelson said that they are “not letting Covid get in the way of what we are doing,” but also noted that it is “kind of upsetting to not be able to be in front of a large audience.”

Teaching both a virtual and in-person population at the same time was a challenge for every class at St. Pius X, but it was even tougher for Dance Company, a course that relies heavily on the physical presence of classmates.

Junior Karla Perez said, “we had to use notebooks to stand in for people,” when they were absent. 

Just like every other sport and activity this school year, freshmen are at an even bigger disadvantage because it’s their first experience with a high school dance group and they’re not as familiar with the habits, routines, and environment of Dance Company. 

However, this year’s seniors have stepped up and made this transition as smooth as possible. 

Freshman Mary Jung credits the seniors for being welcoming, “bring[ing] us together as a group” and “mak[ing] Dance Company fun.” 

In addition to the Dance Company, the virtual performance will also feature the Dance III classes, Band, Advanced Women’s Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble, and Advanced Guitarists. Access to this free event will be available on the Fine Arts Performance page on PSL and Vimeo.