Former St. Pius student returns as substitute teacher

Ms. Elie Metzler ’15 continues to find joy in the St. Pius community


Photo courtesy of Ms. Elie Metzler

Ms. Elie Metzler has been a member of the Golden Lion community since her freshman year in 2012.

Elizabeth Nark, Staff Writer

All teenagers want these days is for teachers to understand what we’re going through as students at St. Pius X. One sub, and hopefully one day a teacher at St. Pius, can understand. Nine years ago, Ms. Elie Metzler walked the halls of St. Pius X as a high school student. After attending St. John Neumann for middle school, Ms. Metzler made the thrilling transition to St. Pius in 2011. Not many know Ms. Metzler as more than an occasional sub for a variety of classes, so here is her much-needed introduction. 

She was a popular, friendly, and a fairly average student throughout her years in high school; many knew her as a smart, social butterfly. She grew up as a triplet and her mom, Mrs. Alyson Metzler, works in the Deans of Students office. 

Her favorite teachers included Latin teacher Ms. Maria Kepler, English teacher Mrs. Lindsey Dent, science teacher Ms. Melissa Beam, social studies teacher Mr. Scott Carter, and current President and former Theology teacher Mr. John Favier. 

Ms. Metzler’s favorite years of high school were her junior and senior years. She participated in theater, obtaining roles in productions such as “The Sound of Music,” she managed the cross country team, played CMLA basketball, was a Eucharistic minister her senior year, was president of the Baking Club, and was a Lion Leader. 

Most importantly, though, she was the school mascot her senior year. Having as much spirit as the cheerleaders, Ms. Metzler knew all the cheers and had her own tutu, bow, and pom-poms. She took the job as the Golden Lion after having previous mascot experience as the Chick-fil-A cow while working at the popular fast-food restaurant, still one of her favorite jobs to this day. 

“Being the mascot and working at Chick-fil-A were the highlights of my high school career,” she said. 

When asked to recall her favorite memories at St. Pius, Ms. Metzler could think of a few. 

“One of my favorite memories was getting to cheer as the mascot at the Georgia Dome [at the state championship football game in 2012]. I will never forget how much spirit our student section had. It was so much fun,” she said.

Ms. Metzler also reflected on some of her best memories mentioning. 

“My favorite experience at St. Pius was definitely Homecoming week every year, specifically getting to dress up with my friends on twin days,” she said. “My least favorite experience was my mom making me do track. I only lasted a week in that program. Every day, I would hide behind Donnellan with my sister, skipping practice, and wait for my mom to pick me up,” she said while giggling. 

“Looking back now, Pius prepared me really well for college, educationally and socially.” 

Ms. Metzler attended the University of West Georgia and is now living at home with her parents and her siblings and working as a sub for St. Pius. Throughout these halls, she is known to many as everyone’s favorite sub, and she has no intention of leaving St. Pius anytime soon. 

Her goal is to be a teacher here, specifically a computer apps teacher. She wants to further expand her hobbies of computers and their technology, web design, and graphic design. These interests sparked here at Pius, in what her favorite class was, former St. Pius teacher, Mrs. Ashley Wright’s web design. 

Through the years, St. Pius X has changed Ms. Metzler into the person she is today.