Senior creates Instagram account to spotlight classmates’ college decisions


Jackson Long

In an otherwise disappointing bleak school year for the class of 2021, one senior has taken it upon herself to do something positive & informative for her classmates. In November of 2020, Gaby Morales started the Instagram account @futuresofpius2021 to spread the word about seniors’ college plans & intended majors.

Inspired by 2020 graduate Witt Hollensbe, who ran a similar account last year, “I wanted to do something similar for our class as a way to help bring the senior class together.” said Morales.  

She finds out her classmates’ decisions either from them reaching out to her, or seeing them post it on their own social media accounts. 

“I think we all can agree that we haven’t had a regular senior year, and I feel like finding out where our classmates are going to college is very interesting and exciting.” Morales said.

Each post includes the student’s picture, a background with the college’s logo, and their intended major if they choose to share it. She also posts birthday announcements for fellow seniors on the Instagram story for the account. 

Morales said she’s received lots of positive feedback from her fellow classmates. In a year filled with distance, isolation, and plenty of cancellations the Class of 2021 deeply appreciates all that Gaby has done.