Goodbye ESPN, hello ESPX!


Staff photo

Sophomore Tripp Buhler sets up his equipment in the press box before a varsity lacrosse game in March. Buhler and his ESPX crew also broadcast football, basketball, and soccer games.

Emalyn Yantis, Editor-in-Chief

Do you miss going to football games on Friday nights? Or basketball games on Tuesday evenings? So do I. Thankfully, the ESPX webcast crew has a solution. Sophomores Tripp Buhler and Miles Johnson, along with faculty moderator Mr. Tim Stultz are responsible for everything from filming the games to commentating on the action so viewers at home get as much of an in-person experience as possible.

Like virtually every aspect of school, basketball games look a little different. This year, only parents of the athlete are allowed to watch the game in the gym, which makes for a pretty sparse crowd.

Without the student section, “[the games] are honestly pretty awkward. It’s hard in intense moments because there is not the hype and energy coming from the crowd that there normally is,” Buhler said.

Buhler and Johnson arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the girls’ varsity game, which usually tips off around 6:00 p.m. Mr. Stultz helps Buhler set up the equipment and then Buhler said he and Johnson “eat some food, listen to some music, then practice talking loudly a little bit.”

Talking loudly before going live on ESPX helps the boys to become more comfortable and settle in before the game starts.

To prepare for the games, Buhler “[watches] the first couple minutes of college football broadcasts to get ideas for different things to say every game,” he said. Johnson said he plays NBA2K to remember different catch phrases to say during the broadcasts.

Because Buhler said he is a natural at sports broadcasting, he wants to attend LSU and pursue a career in sports broadcasting, but Johnson is still undecided about his future career plans.

Remember, tune in to ESPX to watch your favorite classmates crush it on whatever field, court, or track they play on!