Roll the dice at this year’s prom

The evening will include includes casino games, escape rooms, photo booths, and raffles

Ellie Ballew, Staff Writer

Prom is finally here! Latin teacher Ms. Laure Briscoe, theology teacher Mrs. Lindsey Farrell, and the junior and senior class councils have worked diligently to make this Saturday night unforgettable. 

The theme for this year’s prom is Roll the Dice, so a variety of casino games have been provided, including “blackjack, roulette, and Texas hold’em,” Mrs. Farrell said. “Then we’ll have two escape rooms and an entire board game rental table with around 40 games. There will also be two photo booths, a DJ, and bingo for everyone to play at the same time.” 

And if you don’t know how to play a game but still want to join in on the fun, there will be “trained pro dealers who will provide step by step instructions for each table when they sit down,” Mrs. Farrell said. 

Students also have the chance to win one of the ten raffle baskets at the end of the night including prizes like “microwaves, minifridges, smoothie makers, individual coffee makers, and then tons of gift cards” Mrs. Farrell said. 

Even if you don’t want to play casino or board games, there will be many opportunities to take pictures to document this special night.

You will have “the first hour as you walk around with your friends, and chaperones will be there to take pictures on your behalf,” Mrs. Farrell said. “There will also be two photo booths and professional photo booths and they will take your picture and everyone gets a printout as well as a digital copy.” 

Ms. Briscoe encourages students to make the most of the night.

“You shouldn’t just sit at your table while you’re there,” she said. “You should get up to go do the games. There is something for everybody, and it’s at a really cool venue so taking in all of that will help people have a really special kind of evening.“

Anticipation for Prom has been building for months after last year’s event was cancelled due to Covid.

“It’s been exciting to see the student’s excitement grow although this year is different, the junior and senior class councils really came together to come up with what I think is going to be a fun and unforgettable night,” Mrs. Farrell said.

Ms. Briscoe added, “Getting to have everyone there together at the same time is going to be really nice because we haven’t really had anything like that this year, so we think the juniors and seniors will enjoy that.”

Despite the unusual challenges of this year, Prom 2021 looks like it’s going to be a night to remember.