Jackson Mahomes makes a name for himself on TikTok

Kevin Petersen, Staff Writer

Former Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes has created a successful career for himself playing football for the Kansas City Chiefs, but his little brother Jackson has also been gaining a name for himself on the internet. 

Jackson Mahomes is mostly known for his viral TikTok account where he dances and often features Patrick.

There is an ongoing debate on the internet about whether Jackson Mahomes got fame from his brother or from himself and his own talents.

Senior Charlie Long said, “I think he does have some of his fame from his brother, but he did go out onto social media and make a name for himself.”

Surprisingly, Long was the only person to acknowledge that Jackson Mahomes has real talent and he is not just using his brother for fame. 

“I think that Jackson has all of his fame from Patrick,” sophomore Philip Edison said.

Senior Madison Watson, on the other hand, has a different viewpoint.

 “I think he’s actually kinda funny,” she said, “and his TikToks are funny to watch.”

Senior Keegan Gaffney agrees. 

“I think he is original and positive for putting it on there even with all the hate he gets,” he said.

There were many mixed thoughts about Jackson whether his content is good or not. To judge for yourself, check out his TikTok account.