REVIEW: Met Gala invitees strut their unique outfits

Emalyn Yantis, Co-Editor

The Met Gala outfits this year were nothing short of interesting.

According to Vogue, the Met Gala “is the fashion world equivalent of the Oscars.” The most respected designers and celebrities are invited to attend the gala. 

The event took place on September 13, 2021, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The theme was “American Independence” which many of the celebrities struggled to match. However, several celebrities lived up to my expectations, which were high.

Here are my top eight looks from the 2021 Met Gala:

8. Emma Chamberlain – YouTube influencer turned fashion celebrity, Chamberlain made her first appearance at the Met this year. Decked out in Louis Vuitton, Chamberlain looked fantastic. Her Louis Vuitton dress complimented her personality perfectly. It was sparkly and sophisticated — everything that she is. She was invited to attend Fashion Week in both New York and Paris, and she continues to be invited to the most prestigious fashion events. Her form-fitting dress didn’t scream America, but she still looked bomb. 3/10.

7. Georgina Chapman – English fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman wore a Marchesa mesh dress with silver star detailing. Marchesa, an American brand located in NYC, was founded by Chapman and Keren Craig, so Chapman wearing her own brand gets extra points in my book. The dress didn’t go exactly with the theme I had envisioned, but it went along with it to an extent. It was sparkly, like Chamberlain’s, but had a skirt that I was not a fan of. The sparkly filling made me think of the stars on the American Flag, so this gave her some bonus points.  4/10.

6. Sienna Miller – The British-American actress was spotted wearing a laced pink Gucci dress, highlighting a 1920’s vibe. Her adaptation of the American theme was different from other adaptations, but she really made it work. She looked stunning. 6/10.

5. Madison Beer – Singer-songwriter Madison Beer wore “One/Of” by Patricia Voto. The Statue of Liberty-looking green dress was sparkled with blue, gold, and white gems, helping to align itself with the Met theme. This was also Beer’s first Met, so as she progresses, I am sure she will continue to shine. The dress fit her perfectly, and she looked fantastic in it. 7/10.

4. Anok Yai – The South Sudanese model, who is ranked in the top 50 models on, was wearing an Oscar de la Renta black dress. The silver starred dress was absolutely beautiful. Like Chapman, her dress looked like the stars on the American Flag. She embodied the American theme that many of the celebrities struggled with. 8/10.

3. Tyler Mitchell – Photographer Tyler Mitchell was born here in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended the Westminster schools. Wearing a suit with a baseball uniform look, he totally encompassed the “American” theme. Baseball is obviously very important to American culture, so this outfit paid tribute to this. He looked great and followed the theme while doing so. 9/10

2. Quannah Chasinghorse – The 19-year-old indigenous Alaskan model appeared at the Met awards in a Dundas dress, pairing it with Turquoise jewelry. She looked amazing, paying tribute to her family and the land she protects in Alaska. Chasinghorse wore a look that perfectly embodied the theme. She paid tribute to soMething she is passionate about, while also looking amazing. 10/10.

1. Lili Reinhart – “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart wore the perfect dress to the Met Gala, a Christian Siriano dress, she dressed perfectly for the occasion. Her pink dress is covered in the 50 flowers of the United States. This perfectly exhibits the “America” theme this year, and she looks absolutely stunning in her dress. She fully showed out this year, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year. 15/10.

Some celebrities soared, like an eagle, up to my high hopes, while others failed miserably. The “American Independence” theme was difficult, but hopefully, with my rankings, those who flopped live up to my expectations next time!