OPINION: Let them eat grilled cheese!

This perfect sandwich is a popular item in the cafeteria, and it’s no wonder why


Photo courtesy of Emalyn Yantis

The kitchen staff preparing the bread for the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Julia Trainor, Staff Writer

The cafeteria offers an array of meals for lunchtime, from your traditional comfort foods such as mac n’ cheese and pizza to specialties like cajun tofu and Texas barbeque brisket. 

St. Pius X students have endless options to choose from, but what is their favorite meal? The answer: grilled cheese, or at least it be because it’s at the top of my list.

This meal is a staple of the American diet, consisting of the three main food groups: bread, cheese, and butter. The sandwich has unique, but classic qualities that make it quite appealing to St. Pius students. The American cheese is great for melting and adds a blast of flavor to the sandwich, while the bread differs week to week as the SAGE Dining staff changes the sandwich recipe. A hint of garlic on one day, Texas spices on the other, even an Italian grilled cheese with smoked provolone and pepperoni, adding a bit of “zing” to the tastebuds! The variety of this sandwich excites!

“The grilled cheese is divine,” senior Ava O’Malley said. “It’s the best part of my day when I get grilled cheese!” 

O’Malley has specific requirements for her grilled cheese sandwich.

“[The bread] can’t be too crispy, [preferably] somewhere between crispy and soft,” she said. “The American cheese seals it all together. Any other cheese would be terrible.” 

For O’Malley, one emotion occurs when she eats this sandwich: happiness. 

“The grilled cheese carries the whole SAGE Dining experience!” she said. 

Sophomore Olivia Pajer also supports the grilled cheese fandom because “they use Texas toast.” 

However, Pajer would change the texture of the bread.

“Sometimes it’s kind of overcooked,” she said. “[The crumbs] get on my skirt and shirt.”

While the majority of people are excited on grilled cheese day, others find this incredible sandwich to be an unfortunate lunch choice.

French teacher Ms. Tori Williams gave her honest opinion on this grilled cheese dynasty, and let’s just say, she’s not a fan. 

For Ms. Williams, a French cheese connoisseur, the problem is the American cheese. “It tastes sweet,” she said. 

In her opinion, smoked provolone and medium cheddar are the ultimate choices of cheeses when cooking the perfect grilled cheese. 

“I do it in a frying pan with salted butter, and I use real cheese…on whole wheat bread!” Ms. Williams explained.

Regardless of your views on the authenticity of the ingredients, there’s something wonderful about a classic, warm grilled cheese.

From the different ingredients and tastes to particular cuts and shapes, even on the worst day, grilled cheese has the ability to bring a flicker of joy into our lives. 

This iconic meal continues to be a fan favorite, adding a bit of childhood nostalgia back into our lives during lunchtime. Now the choice is yours: to eat grilled cheese or to not eat grilled cheese, that is the question!