Rise Against Hunger: Students rise to the occasion

Schoolwide service project helps students live out the Gospel message and feed people across the world

Emalyn Yantis, Editor-in-Chief

Students will participate in packing food with the Rise Against Hunger organization on November 9 and 10, which will count as a Work of Mercy. 

Since COVID-19, the hunger rate has risen tremendously. According to Reuters, the hunger rate is 30 million people higher than it would have been if COVID wouldn’t have occurred.

Theology department head Mrs. Lindsey Farrell is helping to coordinate the service project.

“Hunger and poverty have been things that are very important to me,” Mrs. Farrell said. “Rise Against Hunger works with several parishes around Atlanta and can accommodate the amount of people we have. They’re genuinely sent with the Catholic universal world.”

Students will go to the practice gym during their theology class on either Tuesday or Wednesday and pack bags of rice to be distributed across the world. St. Pius X hosted the same event last fall and found success. 

“We hit our goal of 38,000 meals in two days,” she said. “We were still on a hybrid schedule, so it was very impressive.”

This year, the goal is 38,900 meals, and Mrs. Farrell said there is an additional goal — not spilling any contents. 

“Every grain of rice matters,” Mrs. Farrell said. “Last year we had a lot of waste, so our intention this year is genuinely every grain counts.”

When you are having fun, dancing to music in the gym with your friends, remember to fill your bags with care. 

“It’s quality over quantity!” Mrs. Farrell said.