REVIEW: ‘Outer Banks’ season 2 shocked viewers


Photo courtesy of Netflix

“Outer Banks” season two premiered July 30, and season three is scheduled to be released later in 2022 or 2023.

Taylor Leeth, Staff Writer

The hit show “Outer Banks” released its second season on Netflix this past summer. Teens rushed to binge-watch the newest TikTok famous show, and season two lived up to the hype and was even better than season one. 

The show is centered around teens Kiara, Pope, JJ, Sarah, and John B who go on adventures throughout their small hometown of Outer Banks, North Carolina in their quest to find gold that’s rumored to exist. Each adventure provides clues that lead them deeper and deeper on a journey filled with suspense, drama, and mystery.

One aspect of “Outer Banks” that makes it so great is the cliffhangers. Almost every episode ends with one, and I struggled to turn off the TV. Season one ended with John B. and Sarah riding off in a boat during a hurricane while trying to escape an arrest, leading their friends to assume they’re dead. Another cliffhanger occurred at the end of season two when we see John B’s father appear with a character who for the entire show we thought was dead. 

Another aspect of the show I really liked are the mystical elements. Two examples are the shroud, a piece of cloth that is said to have healing abilities, and the Cross of Santo Domingo, which is covered in gold and jewels valuable pieces of treasure, all of the characters want. 

Season two’s new setting, the Bahamas, added a new tropical element to the show as well. Other locations include North Carolina, Boneyard Beach, Kiawah Island, Charleston, and many more. This show gave publicity to the town it’s named after, “Outer Banks,” and made it more popular for travelers across the nation.

The casting is another highlight of “Outer Banks,” which features a mix of newer actors and actresses as well as some recognizable faces. Charles Esten, who plays Ward Cameron, has been seen in “The Office,” “Jessie,” and “Just Shoot Me!” Other actors like Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, have been in smaller films that “Outer Banks” viewers have probably never seen before.

Finally, the soundtrack is excellent. By using music that is popular and catchy, the show’s popularity can spread beyond Netflix and reach platforms like Spotify Songs include: “Stuck” by Noonday Devils, “Something That You’re Missing” by Sun Room, and “Where’d All Time Go?” by Dr. Dog. I still listen to these songs and I’m always reminded of certain events in the show. For example, “Where’d All Time Go” reminds me of the whole gang driving across a bridge into Charleston. 

This hit show provides suspense, action, adventure, romance, and comedy all in one. What could be a better show than “Outer Banks,” which incorporates so many different elements into one production?