Frisbee fun for everyone

Campus Ministry introduce Kan Jam, a team game that students enjoy playing at lunch


Senior Cam DeBose plays Kan Jam in the fall during Homecoming Week.

Avery Brown, Staff Writer

Pius X is known for its community, and Chaplain Father Michael Bremer and Director of Campus Ministry Mr. Zahi Ikhwan help foster that family atmosphere with the addition of Kan Jam to Friday lunch periods.  Kan Jam is a competitive game where teams of two face off and try to be the first to score 21 points. In order to score, teams alternate throwing the disc at the other team’s kan, which is a round barrel with a small, rectangular cut out on the front and is open on the top. Points are awarded by deflecting the disc into the kan, hitting the kan, making it through the top, or through the front of the kan for an instant win.

When Kan Jam first appeared in the courtyard one day in late summer, senior Lola Frankowski was quick to join in and play.

“I was drawn to the game because during Friday lunches, you just want to have fun with your friends, and it was a way to get to know the Campus Minister [Mr. Ikhwan] and Fr. Michael,” she said.

Mr. Ikhwan and Fr. Michael were both brand new this year, and they wanted a way to get to know the students better in a fun and relaxing environment. Lunch seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the game, especially when the weather was nice and so many seniors ate outside. Sparking competitive interest across grade levels, Kan Jam also served as an outlet and stress reliever during the school day.

“We see kids watching and when we ask them if they want to join in and play, we see them coming out of their shells, and the kids who are watching in the shadows come to play and it is a cool moment to watch,” said Mr. Ikhwan.  Senior Cayne Wright remembers the first time he played. “It looked like fun and there were a lot of people playing, so I decided I might as well give it a shot,” he said. He only played one time and remembers that “I was not very good at it.”

Despite students’ frisbee throwing skills, or lack thereof, the game was still popular during Friday lunch periods even if it ended in defeat. “Win or lose, it is fun to be with your friends and to build better bonds with them,” said senior Cam DeBose. Kan Jam was a hit with students this fall and gave students a fun and competitive game to play during Friday lunch periods.