Practice makes perfect: Competition cheer earns region title and an armful of trophies this season


Annie Yantis, Staff Writer

The competition cheer team wrapped up another successful season this fall. In addition to a region championship title, the group of 18 girls also finished with a first, second, third, and fourth place trophy at various competitions throughout the year.

Competition cheer is judged by a point system, based on several required components in the routine such as stunting, tumbling, cheer, and dance. Most agreed that stunting is the most crucial aspect of their performance. 

“Making sure your routine is very clean also plays a big role because a space on the score sheet is routine composition and if the routine looks messy overall, then the judges will base their entire perspective off that and score you low,” senior backspot and team captain Lea Costas said. 

And like most sports,  a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ready to compete.

“Cheering is way more than the two minutes we are out performing,” Costas said about the energy, effort, and attention to detail needed to succeed

To prepare for their competitions, the girls learned their routine over the summer and practiced almost every day throughout the fall.

The girls are used to countless hours of practice because many of them have been cheering for almost half their lives. For example, Costas and sophomore and flyer Cassidy Payne have each been cheering for nine years, while freshman base Emerson Lowe has been cheering for eight.

All the girls started cheering for different reasons. Payne said she began cheering after she saw her sister doing the sport, Costas made the transition from gymnastics to cheer, and Lowe when her best friend joined. 

They each also have different opinions about their favorite aspects of the sport.  Costas enjoys tumbling “because it gives an opportunity to show individual talents,” she said.  Payne prefers dance, and Lowe favors the sassiness displayed throughout the routine.

The girls will be back in action next season as they showcase the true spirit and athleticism at St. Pius X.