Looking to try something new in 2022? Join one of these new clubs


Photo courtesy of Ava Nieman

Members of the Fashion Club paint canvas tote bags in the art room at one of their meetings in November.

Katie Mae Kisla, Staff Writer

Are you interested in getting involved in the many extracurricular activities that St. Pius X offers? What about the countless student-led clubs? While there are many older but popular ones still going on, here are some of the newest groups on campus!

Random Acts of Kindness Club 

What made you want to create this club?

Caelen McCulla ‘23: We wanted to create the Random Acts of Kindness Club because we believe one act of kindness can go a long way in someone’s day, or even life. We believe that this club is a great way to sustain the supportive and loving community of St. Pius.

Why did you think it was necessary for St. Pius to have this club?

Mia Riepe ‘23: This year after returning from the two-year Covid-19 impact, St. Pius is making a great effort to rebuild the tight-knit, loving community that the school has upheld throughout the previous years.

McCulla: We wanted to create the Random Acts of Kindness club to aid in the act of spreading kindness and love throughout the school.

Why should students join?

McCulla: Students should join this club because our meetings are always such a fun and positive environment where new friendships are made and the passion for giving grows.

What will you benefit/learn from joining this club?

Riepe: After joining this club, you will learn that sharing an act of kindness is very rewarding and even feels as special as receiving an act of kindness.

What type of activities do you do?

McCulla: At club meetings, we do all sorts of activities such as making locker signs for school sporting events, making thank you cards for the lunchroom and Roar Store staff, and “Thankful for You” hand turkeys for personal distribution.

 Riepe: In the act of spreading kindness in our school community, we listen to fun music, talk, and indulge in an afternoon sweet treat.

Cosmetology Club 

What made you want to create this club?

 Jaime Aubuchon ‘22: We [Aubuchon and senior Norah Philipp] both have had a passion for makeup for many years, so we wanted to spread the knowledge and fun of the art.

What do you think students will benefit from joining this club?

Aubuchon: They can learn how to do their makeup for the future and learn how to take care of their skin. They will gain confidence and knowledge on makeup, and they can meet other friends that have similar interests.

Do you have to have past experience in cosmetology to join? What if you have no experience but are interested in learning?

Aubuchon: No, because it is a place where they learn and develop their skills. The club welcomes everyone of all skill levels to join, and we love and look forward to helping people who are new to the art.

Why should students join? 

Aubuchon: To have a safe space to learn about interests and concerns about the cosmetology world. It is also a place to meet new people and eat snacks.

What does an average club meeting look like?

Aubuchon: We casually have a meeting where everyone can talk about the topic of our meeting and answer any questions that they may have.

Is there anything else you would like students to know about your club or cosmetology in general?

Aubuchon: Everyone is welcome to join the club and show off their artistic skills. Cosmetology also isn’t only for females because anyone has the right and passion to do their own makeup.

World War II Club

What made you want to be a part of this club?

Chase Alderman ‘23: I like WWII a lot. Everything about it is cool, and there are so many documentaries about it that make it so much more interesting.

Why should students join?

Alderman: If you enjoy WWII, you’re gonna like it because you’re gonna be watching cool documentaries and movies. 

How would you explain what your club is to someone who is interested?

Alderman: Our club focuses on one of the most interesting global conflicts in world history. 

What will students  benefit/ learn from joining?

Alderman: Our interest in World War II stems from three main questions: Why was it fought? How was it fought? And who was involved in it?. 

What type of activities will you do in this club?

Alderman: Our club will come together to delve deep down inside the causes and effects of this international conflict and then men and women woven within it.

Gardening Club

Why should students join this club? 

Sarah Cambell Anderson ‘23: Students should join Garden Club to be a part of the new garden on campus, as well as a fun chance to hang out with friends outside!

What made you want to create this club?

Anderson: We [Anderson, Amelia Maloof] both gardened a lot with our families growing up, and we thought it would be a super fun idea to start this club because we love gardening and this is a great way to connect with others while doing something fun outside!

What will students take away from this club? 

Anderson: Students will learn how to plant different plants throughout the seasons, as well as how to take care of them.

What does an average meeting look like?

Anderson: Our typical meetings consist of working on our garden and planning for what to plant next.

What type of gardening activities have you done/ plan to do?

Anderson: We have already built some raised beds for our garden, and we are beginning to think about what we are going to plant in them.

Community of Music Club 

Why did you want to create this club?

Gabrielle Harris ‘22: I started this club because I wanted to bring something new to Pius. After brainstorming, we knew we wanted to bring together our interests with community service. We both like listening to music, making playlists, and talking about our music interests so we thought it’d be a good idea for a club.

Why do you think this club was necessary to bring to St. Pius?

Harris: I think that music is a very strong force for connection which Pius needed last year, especially during virtual school and during the transition out of virtual school. Most relationships are formed out of similar interests and music is one of the most universal interests.

Why should students join?

Harris: Students should join so they can find other students with similar musical interests to them. From our first meeting alone, we had music tastes ranging from metal music to country music and the ever- popular Taylor Swift. Everyone can find someone with at least one shared favorite music genre, artist, or song and can form a new friendship from that. The extent of different music tastes is also good for people looking to expand what they usually listen to.

Do you have to have past experience with music to join?

Harris: No! Despite having music in the name of the club, we’re not about creating music, so you don’t need to play an instrument or know how to work production apps in order to join the club. Although we may expand some of our activities to creating music in the future, it’s still a club for people who love listening to music and want to share their tastes with everyone else.

What are some things that you will do in your club?

Harris: Over the past few weeks, we’ve made Spotify QR code keychains, done playlist challenges, and eaten doughnuts. In the future, we hope to do collaborative playlists and engage in community service. We’re going to start having artists of the month and using their respective community service engagements to inspire our own.

Chorus Club

Why should students join this club? 

Omeno Abutu ‘23: I think singing is very much important to what we do here. I feel like the arts are not as pushed for, looked upon, and supported, but they are very important because it’s an avenue for students to express themselves and so I think one of those avenues is music. For me it has really helped me be able to express myself. It has also helped me grow in an area that is not talked about as much. So I think other students want to do that but don’t know how to do it themselves.

Do you have to have past experience with chorus to join? 

Abutu: Not at all, you don’t have to come in with any experience. We are happy to take you wherever you are!

What do you think students who join this club will take out of it?

Abutu: I think they will learn an appreciation for music including multiple different styles. We try to do jazz to pop. I also think it helps grow as a person, and helps you to think in a creative way.

What does an average meeting look like?

Abutu: So we come in and talk about how our week has been going, we do stretches, vocal warmups, then get right into it. We then practice our songs.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

How would you describe the Dungeons and Dragons club to someone who does not know what it is?

Brennan Ciccarelli ’25: Our goal is to have fun and play the game, and teach it to others. 

Why should students join this club?

Myles Nicholson ‘25: 

It’s a good chance to meet other people because this is something that not a lot of people are interested in, in my opinion. So if you are interested in it then you can know you’re not the only one who likes Dungeons and Dragons. We have also had a lot more people than we thought would join.  

What if you don’t know how to play Dungeons and Dragons but still want to join?

Nicholson: Yes! Anyone can join, we even have some people come and watch it to learn how to play. 

What do you think the main thing that students will take out from joining this club?

Nicholson: I think it’s a great way to meet new people, and make friends.

What does an average meeting look like?

Nicholson: We just sit down, and we play! It’s as simple as that!

Fashion Club

What made you want to create this club?

Sofie Finch ‘22: I want to do a career in fashion, and there weren’t any opportunities at school. So that was my main motivation being that I love fashion and to create an opportunity for others interested. Also, walking through the halls on out of uniform days and looking at the different choices everyone made. I think it’s really cool how their clothing reflects their personality, so I thought of creating a club to highlight individuality. 

What do you think students will benefit from joining this club? 

Finch: I really think it helps show people that you can do a creative career, and it is actually a real career. It gives an opportunity to students that they didn’t have before.

What are a few examples of projects that students will create in your club?

Finch: We have created tote bags, mood-boards, jewelry, and we want to do a clothing drive. 

Philanthropy and Building Capital 

What made you want to create this club?

Claudia Restler ‘23: We wanted to create this club because we see the importance of enhancing financial literacy in the St. Pius student body.

How would you explain what this club is to someone who doesn’t know?

Sophie Kalinowski ‘23: This club is a community where we learn about different financial techniques and strategies to prepare for a financially successful future. 

Why should students join?

Restler: Students should join our club because it is an excellent way to begin preparing for a life after high school. 

What will you learn/ benefit from joining

Kalinowski: Students should join our club because it is a fun way to get involved in the financial world! We work together to create an environment where students can step out of their comfort zones and try new things! 

Aviation Club

How would you explain what Aviation is to someone who is unfamiliar with the term?

Luke Pinson ‘24: We start with what we usually fly in, and we would begin talking about what a piper is, and flight itself.

Why should students join this club?

Pinson: I find that it’s very interesting to learn about aviation. We go a lot over weather and weather phenomenons that would impact flight plans. So if you are interested in weather, it can also be interesting for you as well as specific physics that happen to a plane while it’s flying. Other things that students may be interested in are ground effects that affect landing. 

What do you think students will benefit from joining this club?

Pinson: Aviation is a very good career to go into even if you want to go into it as a short time thing. I am interested in becoming a commercial pilot at a large company, but you can even just go up and fly a plane as a fun activity. It is also a both exotic and very useful skill to have considering now that travel these days is very based on flight. 

Antoinette Gomes ‘25: I would rather just become a private pilot and keep it as a hobby. 

What made you want to create this club?

Pinson: I was interested in bringing my love for aviation to St. Pius, so I just want to share and get others involved at school who also love aviation.

Perpetua Sisterhood 

What is the Perpetua Sisterhood?

Marzec ‘22: It is strengthening the girls community, in a catholic and faithful way. Although there is already a girl power club, and this is more faith based. It is how to be stronger as women in our faith, and only girls are allowed to join. 

Why should students join?

Marzec ‘22: Not only will girls grow spiritually together, there is a lot of work of mercy involved such as making blankets as a group and donating to those in need.