OPINION: Are your shoes actually drip?

Read below and I’ll tell you

Baxter Petersen, Staff Writer

For the first several weeks of school, cold weather, complications with our school’s heat, and the awesomeness of our principal allowed us to have many out-of-uniform days this semester, sometimes even with sweatpants. Instead of their al-black tennis shoes, loafers, or saddle shoes, students got to dust off their favorite pair of sneakers and wear them to school. Seeing all the different shoes has made me want to tell the students of St. Pius X whether your shoes have drip or not. In my humble opinion, some of the students need to pick up their shoe game badly.

Golden Gooses: $500-$800+

Golden Goose shoes are knock-off Vans. I wouldn’t have a problem with these shoes if they weren’t so extravagantly priced. A Golden Goose looks like it was manufactured then thrown in a downtown Atlanta pothole, run over by every car during 5:00 pm traffic, then sold to our community for an astronomical price. The fact that someone would purchase a shoe that has these characteristics shocks me. Almost every girl has a pair that are the same style. There are so many different designs of the shoe, yet everyone has the exact same model. 

Drip Rating: 2/10

Yeezys: $200-$500+

If you plan to dress like you are in middle school, please continue wearing Yeezys. They are popular among middle schoolers and should stay that way. Yeezys are an Ultraboost for people with deep pockets. The people that wear Yeezys typically will beat them till there is nothing left, or that think the shoe is solid gold and the best, most valuable thing ever created. Besides the expensive price tag for a shoe that is a modification of Ultraboosts, though, nothing is particularly wrong with them. 

Drip Rating: 4/10

Uggs: $150-$400

Uggs are a shoe that is beyond comfortable, but the comfort comes at a price. I like the shoes because they come in a mid-style boot for a guy, and for the girls there are lots of different styles to choose from. The problem with Uggs is that they are only worn in the winter because they’re extremely warm due to their sheepskin inner lining. We live in the south and rarely have a need for the warmth of sheepskin, but the minute it gets chilly, girls bring out their Uggs from the depths of their closet. Uggs match with many different styles of clothing, making them a versatile shoe for a variety of people. I recommend Uggs if you want comfort for a moderate price.

Drip Rating: 6/10

Cowboy Boots: $200-$500 

Cowboy boots go back as far as the 1800s. Now, people tend to wear them casually instead of their intended purpose, which was foot protection on the ranch, but you can wear anywhere due to their wide variety of selections. One of my favorite aspects is that they are all different. There are some students who wear work-style boots with no design, while others prefer boots with patterns that stand out in the crowd. I love cowboy boots because they show the personality of the person who wears them due to their different shapes and styles of the boot. 

Drip Rating: 7/10

Nike Blazer Mid 77’s: $100-$140

The Nike Blazer is a nice, basic, retro-style shoe. I appreciate the styling because there is nothing extravagant about it – Nike truly takes the phrase “less is more” and applies it to this shoe. The Blazer reminds me of a mid-style Van, which I don’t like because the design looks almost copied and not the original. That being said, though, I feel that Nike did better with the design of this particular shoe. All of the different colorways are pretty much the same, with the exception of the Nike Swoosh, which gives it a subtle difference. In addition to its aesthetics, the popularity of these Blazers has risen tremendously because of the very affordable price. I like these shoes and I feel like their popularity will continue to grow. 

Drip Rating: 8/10

Air Jordan 1’s: $200-$400+

Jordans are an absolutely great shoe for a high school student due to their price and style. Created in 1985 in collaboration with Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players of all time, their still as popular today as they were decades ago. Since their debut, there’s been a wide variety of Jordan 1’s and not many people have the same ones. The shoe matches well with a variety of different clothes, and overall, the timeless design allows for it to be worn from childhood though adulthood. 

Drip Rating: 9/10

Off-White Shoes: $400-$1,000+

Only a few students wear Off-White shoes to school. They are rare and extravagantly priced. Off-White goes on short runs of their shoes to make them special, and the designs are so much different from any other shoe on the market. The rarity allows you to be able to walk through the halls and you won’t see anyone wearing the same shoe. Off-White also tends to do collaborations with popular shoe companies, which allows people who don’t want to spend the money to have the brand. If you want shoes that go well with basically anything and probably collect some compliments, go buy Off-White shoes. 

Drip Rating: 10/10

After reading the reviews you might have to either throw your shoes in a dumpster or even go out to buy new ones. I hope that walking through the halls, I’ll see our shoe game improve and our school will be pushin P.