Annual girls retreat offers students the chance to recharge and strengthen their relationship with Christ


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Rose

Students and faculty chaperones gather on the steps of Camp Twin Lakes at the girls retreat in March.

Katie Mae Kisla, Staff Writer

This year’s girls retreat offered a wonderful experience for girls to expand their connection with God and those around them. The retreat was held at Camp Hidden Lake the weekend of March 11-13.  Theology teacher Mrs. Amy Williams planned the retreat with the help of seniors Nicole Marzec, Bianca Cardona, Maggie Standard, Caitlin Noble, Katie Graebner, Nina Dolt, Gracie Rosenburg,  and Vickie Celedon.

“I think that girls should go on this retreat to get closer to Christ to nourish our relationship with him. It’s also fun for the girls to be able to bond with one another and not worry about anything being posted, or what you’re wearing. You can be yourself, be authentic, and have a great time,” Mrs. Williams said.

 Social studies teacher Mrs. Rebecca Rose went on the retreat as a teacher chaperone and said she is grateful St. Pius X offers students this opportunity to grow in their faith. 

“It is so important for girls to have a place to build community away from the distractions of school and technology and engage face to face,” Mrs. Rose said. “It allows for time to share one’s identity, while also building one in Christ. Life is probably the most stressful it has been in years. Pandemic learning, grades, and balancing extracurriculars depletes us. We need to get away from our routines to rest and be joyful again.” 

Although this retreat had a lot to do with God and growing your relationship with Him, it was also filled with many fun activities.

“It is such a fun time,” Mrs. Rose said. “There are games, hikes, ropes courses, and more to build fellowship. We also have so much time to slow down, reflect, and grow closer to Christ through hearing about each other’s struggles and successes. We can see how accessible God is and how He loves us just as we are in the quiet and in the fun!”

Students who went on this retreat found it extremely fun, entertaining, and a way to disconnect from the real world. Senior Bianca Cardona has been on many retreats while attending St. Pius, and she is actively involved in the [Catholic] Church and loves to serve her community. 

“Whenever I go on a retreat I always come back feeling more at peace. You get to meet new people and learn more about yourself. Retreats are one of the most fun ways to engage in your faith because of the activities and different kinds of worship. You don’t have to be deep in your faith to go on a retreat. Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you with a smile. We, like Jesus, love everyone,” Cardona said.

 Cardona also said how the retreat has helped her connect to God.

“At retreats, people speak openly about their faith free from judgment. Despite our regular religion classes, many students don’t feel comfortable truly talking about their faith and retreats are the perfect moment to do that,” she said.

From chaperones to students, this experience has affected them in such a positive way. Not only does it help one grow closer to God, but it also helps someone be happier with themselves and those around them.