As we enter Holy Week, students reflect on their Lenten sacrifices

Annie Yantis

Annie Yantis, Staff Writer

With Lent coming to an end this week, we asked St. Pius X students to share their Lenten sacrifices. St. Pius X students are giving up the typical chocolate, fast food, and Netflix, but why are students sacrificing these popular things? Why sacrifice anything at all during Lent?  

To answer that question, Chaplain Fr. Michael shared what he personally is sacrificing this Lent. 

“I am giving up pizza because God wants me to love myself,” Fr. Michael said. “I am giving it up to be very deliberate about how I am loving and treating myself.”

He went on to say that when we sacrifice something in our lives, it can often open our eyes to areas where we can improve in our faith lives.

“There are areas of growth that we need in our life, and through these sacrifices, we can achieve this growth,” he said.

Students are achieving this growth in many ways.

Two freshmen, Anna Barber and Grace Benjamson, are trying to achieve healthier eating and have a more balanced diet.

“I am trying to eat healthier to nourish my body in the ways God intended it to be,” Benjamson said.

Sophomore Lyle Pinson went in a different direction and gave up playing video games.

“Without the time I am spending on gaming, I have more time to spend with God and grow in my faith life,” he explained

Another sophomore, Alfredo Cortes, opted to give up being “mean and a hater.” Cortes said, “This will help me because I can treat people with the respect that God wants me to treat them with.” 

Some students gave up their favorite food items such as junior Sam Hefner, who gave up coffee, and freshman Ben Agnew, who gave up his daily muffins. 

“I think that this will help me acquire a lot of patience. Hefner says that the journey has been rough but will be worth it,” Hefner said.

Agnew added, “It will help my relationship with God by making sacrifices.”

Whether you’re giving up coffee or online shopping, all that matters is that you are staying strong within your promise. No matter how big or small the sacrifice is, God appreciates it, and your faith life will improve! There are only two weeks left in Lent. Stay strong and faithful.