An inside look at the Dean of Students office, which handles so much more than just discipline

Julia Trainor, Staff Writer

It’s a common misconception among St. Pius X students that the Dean of Students office primarily tackles discipline; however, detentions make up only a minute portion of their responsibilities and the administrators provide the student population with much more than a coral or yellow slip. The office is quite involved in campus life at St. Pius, handling all tasks that are not academic or athletic related. 

The Deans of Students are Ms. Rachel Braham, who’s held the position since 2007, and Ms. Maria Kepler, who is in her first year in this role. Mrs. Alyson Metlzer serves as their administrative assistant.

Their main objective is to provide service and a support system for St. Pius students, teachers, and staff, and at times, that means setting aside work to advise others. 

“Anything that comes to the Dean of Students during the day, we handle it. It doesn’t quite matter what our job descriptions say because the student or teacher crises come first…our job is to help them first and foremost,” said Ms. Braham. 

A portion of the Deans’ responsibilities lies in student organizations and clubs.

“We work with the student council, National Honor Society, and the diversity initiatives,” said Ms. Braham

The Deans of Students are also involved in anything related to student life, such as parking passes, locker combinations, assemblies, Homecoming, and Prom. They’re also the number one spot for miscellaneous student questions!

“If you want rings, pictures, parking spaces, caps and gowns, graduation tickets…the Deans of Student is an excellent resource,” Ms. Kepler said.  

Ms. Kepler previously served as a Latin teacher, but in her new role she currently leads the Honor Council, a small group of students and faculty who evaluate school cases involving bullying, theft, and academic plagiarism.

“I was energized coming into this position knowing that students needed our support right now,” Ms. Kepler said, who added that she enjoys “Working with the Honor Council to see character and student development, [and] working with kids in their moment of crisis and getting them through it as better people.”

 The Deans of Students wants to make clear that it is not an institution for discipline, but rather a resource students find useful. 

During student-led tours, “[the Deans of Students] posts a general list of responsibilities to avoid being labeled as simply the discipline office” Ms. Braham said. “We want [the students] to know that we can provide you with information and answers to your needs.”

No matter the problem or question, the Deans of Students office exists to serve all students and teachers in a wide variety of ways.