Mr. Aaron Parr begins school year as Interim President

Rylee Tozier, Staff Writer

Although he is not new to St. Pius X, Mr. Aaron Parr entered a new role as Interim President of the school over the summer. Mr. Parr graduated from St. Pius in 2006, and joined the faculty in 2011 as a history teacher and the head varsity boys basketball coach, before becoming Director of Enrollment. Mr. Parr had no intention of going into education, but after feeling the school’s sense of community during his high school years, his plan changed.

“I got such a great experience from teachers and from coaches,” he said. “If I went to another school, I don’t know if I would have the same love and passion.”

Even as Interim President, Mr. Parr will continue coaching the basketball team. He views coaching as his new way of communicating with the students, explaining that “Coaching will be my way of still being in touch with the kids,” and “getting to know them on a deeper level.”

As he adjusts to his new role, Mr. Parr said that his main priority is making sure the students enjoy their high school experience and grow in their faith. 

“I want the students to find what their gifts are, what their talents are, and I want them to be able to use those in life to make a difference and serve others,” he said. 

He also will continue helping students, faculty, and families feel part of the St. Pius community, and he said that one of the rewarding aspects of being Interim President is “trying to build the culture of Pius and make it so that we have great academic standards and Catholicity.”

Mr. Parr is proud of all St. Pius has accomplished in its 64-year history, and he looks forward to being its leader this school year.