“Backpack, Backpack”

Seniors contiue tradition of bringing childish backpacks to user at school


Staff Photo

Seniors Miles Johnson (left) and Ford Crane show off their matching Paw Patrol backpacks.

Olivia Piontek, Staff Writer

As you walk in the hallway, you see seniors wearing backpacks with Disney princesses, Batman, Paw Patrol, Lightning McQueen, and Hannah Montana on them. You might be wondering why so many kids have these interesting backpacks.

The tradition of senior backpacks has been around for several years.

“I thought that the tradition of senior backpacks was a little odd when I was a freshman and a sophomore, but I mainly thought that it was funny,” senior Natalie Hungeling said. 

“My favorite is Chandler Panarese’s Harry Styles backpack, or all the Lightning McQueen backpacks,” said senior Cat Amy.

This lighthearted custom “brings the senior class together,” according to senior Jessica Rose, while also allowing students to express themselves in a fun way. Some choose a completely unique backpack so they stand out, while others like to match with their friends. 

“I am matching with Sofia Arboleda,” said senior Spencer Arroll. “We both have a pink Disney princess backpack that has glitter and little crowns on it. I chose that one because I like the Disney princesses on it but also because it was the only one that I saw that I liked.”  

Another duo with matching backpacks is senior Miles Johnson and senior Ford Crane, who both feature a Paw Patrol character.

“I am a huge Paw Patrol fan, and I know all the pups,” Johnson said. “My favorite is Chase, but Marshall is pretty cool. It was the only one at the Walmart, and it has Chase on it. My friend Ford has a matching one, but his is blue. He got his the day after me, so he was kinda copying me.”

Amy’s also features a TV show character.

“I was just thinking of kid shows that I liked as a child, and I really liked ‘Phineas and Ferb’ growing up, so I got a Perry the Platypus backpack,” she said.

But what will the seniors do with their backpacks at the end of the school year? 

“I mean, I will probably keep it so that my little sister can use it, or maybe use it when we go on hiking trips with my family,” Amy said.  

Crane, on the other hand, has a different idea.

“I plan on carrying my backpack for the whole year, but when I am done I want to rip it up,” he said 

Similar to his friend, Johnson said, “I am either going to burn it or put it in a museum,” adding that he wants to burn it to “release Marshall from the shackles of his backpack.”

Instead of ripping up or burning the backpacks, though, the Class of 2023 has a chance to turn this into a service opportunity. Two seniors from the Class of 2020 decided to encouraging their classmates to donate their backpacks to Totes 2 Tots. They hoped this would turn into an annual service project, but Covid prevented the last two graduating classes from donating. The Georgia Cancer Specialists Northside Hospital Administrative is holding donations Friday, January 13 2023 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

This unique senior tradition is fun and creative while also potentially helping others in need.