David Camick: The hype man behind the hype videos at St. Pius X


Photo by Mr. Mike Wilson

Sophomore David Camick films the basketball teams at their games in Chattanooga over Thanksgiving break

Luke Tillery, Staff Writter

To get the fans excited and players locked in for that night’s football game, students pile into the cafeteria and watch a hype video courtesy of sophomore David Camick. For the past two years Camick has devoted time to producing these videos to promote different sports teams at St. Pius X.

On average, Camick spends up to 18 hours filming and editing each video. 

“Well, there definitely is a lot of work that goes into it behind the scenes. I’m pretty much every day thinking of what is coming next,” Camick said.

Camick’s goal is to please each viewer, and one of the biggest challenges has nothing to do with the footage itself. Instead, it’s the music that can be the biggest roadblock at times.

“Music is the hardest part because everyone sees the videos, but not everyone has the same interest in music,” Camick said. “I also have to worry about copyright.”

Camick began making videos at around the age of seven, when he created short films of the Legos he played with. 

 “I bought software that made my videos kind of take it to the next level,” said Camick. “Freshman year, I bought a camera and started filming.” 

Some friends were already aware of Camick’s interest in filmmaking when he started at St. Pius, and they encouraged him to get involved in the broadcast program. He decided he was not interested in it, but he did get pointed into the direction of Schmitty, who oversees the student support staff for football.

“He helped me get involved, and I’m really glad he did,” Camick said. 

Camick is passionate about what he does and shows his enthusiasm in each of his videos.

“It’s fun to be a part of the game,” he said.

Even though he’s not playing on the team, he gets to experience each Friday night under the lights and on the field. Click here to visit Camick’s website and view his work.