Spotify Wrapped: Overrated?


Elliott Seng, Staff Writer

To all the Spotify users out there, it’s that time of year again.

Whether you’re bragging about being in the top 1% of your favorite artist or hiding your secret love for Justin Beiber, everyone’s checking out their Spotify wrappeds. And that leaves some very important questions… what are the students of St. Pius listening to? Is the wrapped actually better than Apple music? And, finally, is the Spotify wrapped correct at all?

Or, is it a little too accurate?

“Unfortunately so,” sophomore Zach Eichenberg answered. Eichenberg played a role in “Rent” over the summer, and the musical has dominated his Spotify wrapped.

It turns out that songs from the summer messed up wrappeds for a lot of people.

“Mine’s very embarrassing,” sophomore Sophia DiGiuro said. “It’s all stuff from the beginning year and I’ve changed.”

“[It] was very biased because it was all the summery songs,” sophomore Parker Wood said.

Despite this, Wood claims that Spotify’s rival, Apple Music, is even worse.

“They’re just wannabes,” he said.

And it seems like he’s not entirely wrong. Students that previously used Apple music have been making the shift to Spotify, in part because of the wrappeds.

“I just got [Spotify] Premium last night,” sophomore Madeline Ramer said. “I felt very left out.”

Because without a Spotify wrapped of her own, how is she supposed to showcase her favorite artists?

Take, for example, sophomore Kiko Buenvenida, who proudly displayed his #1 artist, NLE Choppa.

“He’s actually the greatest rapper of all time – no competition.” Buenvenida said. “I think he’s actually the peak of the music industry.”

One thing is for sure- people can be very passionate about their top artists. Sophomore Howard Burton’s #1 artist is Lil Baby, and he’s managed to get into the top 0.5% of listeners, a notable feat.

In the end, maybe Spotify wrapped is all about the chance to show off your top artists and songs. If you don’t like them, you don’t like the wrapped. End of story… right?

Thankfully for us all, Spotify’s added more to their wrapped than just what music you listen to. It’s also about how much, because they tell you down to the last detail how many minutes you’ve spent listening. And this is what truly separates the Spotify amateurs from the professionals.

With a resounding 149,000 minutes, junior Paulina Garcia has spent 2500 hours listening to Spotify… which is over 100 days. Her trick? Listening to music all the time,
even when she’s asleep.

“I can’t sleep without sound,” she explained.

If you’re looking to get your numbers up for the Spotify wrapped next year, sophomore Myles Nicholson has some advice for you, and it’s pretty easy.

“Whenever you’re alive, just listen to music.”