Get to know the wrestling team


Photo by AC Carlson

Junior Knox Burton gives two thumbs up before a match in December.

Luke Tillery, Staff Writer

The wrestling team opened their season last month and the boys were busy over Christmas break, competing in seven different dual matches and tournaments. 

A few wrestlers recently shared their thoughts about arguably the most misunderstood high school spor as well as which teachers they think they could take down.


How long have you been wrestling?

Knox Burton ’24: I started wrestling the summer before 8th grade, so this is my 4th season.

Shug Bentley ’23: I started wrestling sophomore year.

Alex Clarke ’24: Since freshman year. I joined after my football season. My coach told me to join the wrestling team because it would make me better at football.

Alex Romano ’24: I’ve been wrestling since freshman year.

Sophomore Reid Bentley ’25: This is my second year.

What made you want to begin wrestling?

Burton: I wanted to have a winter sport that kept me active and occupied, and to improve my overall athleticism.

Shug: I began wrestling to initially help me with my tackling skills on the football field, but I have come to really love wrestling as its own sport.

Clarke: My football coach told me wrestling would help my football career.

Romano: I was looking for winter sports since I [wasn’t very good] at basketball, and I just wanted to try it out.

Reid: My brother did it.

What is the hardest part about wrestling?

Burton: Cutting weight.

Shug: The hardest part about wrestling is going a full six-minute match with another talented wrestler who is in just as good of shape as you.

Clarke: Having to lose weight and keep it off.

Romano: If you’re drilling hard enough in practice.

Reid: Practice for sure.

What are some common misconceptions about wrestling?

Shug: One misconception I think people have is that you have to cut weight to be good.  As long as you are comfortable with the weight class you are wrestling in, you can be successful.

Clarke: A lot of people say the sport is hard, but if you enjoy it, it’s really not that bad.

Romano: I think that it’s not actually that easy to just pick up a person and slam them.

Reid: It’s definitely the hardest sport out there.

What’s the hardest part about cutting or maintaining weight?

Burton: While maintaining, you have to constantly monitor your weight and be careful to not go over the weight you are trying to keep, which can make some people anxious.  While cutting, you may lose strength and energy, which makes everything difficult.

Shug: The hardest part about cutting is watching your friends eat while you cannot.

Clarke: Not eating sweets or not eating too much.

Romano: Probably not drink water.

Reid: Not being able to eat food for a certain amount of time.

What is the most awkward part of your sport?

Burton: It is subjective. Figure that out for yourself!

Shug: The most awkward part of wrestling is getting pinned.

Clarke: Definitely having to wear a singlet. It’s not comfortable.”

Romano: Going against a girl.

Reid: You know, when I am on top of somebody.

What teacher do you think could take you down?

Burton: Mr. Buckalew. Other than him, no chance. 

Shug: Coach Lancaster.

Clarke: Mr. Sherwood.

Romano: Coach Carter.

Reid: I can probably take Bubs [Schmitty].

Who is the biggest celebrity do you think you could take down?

Burton: Brock Lesnar, with ease.

Bentley: Spencer Lee.

Clarke: Oh, Kevin Hart.

Romano: Lil Uzi Vert.

Reid: I can take Jake Paul down.