School hosts winter informal dance this weekend

Student Government leaders helped organize the casual event, the first winter dance the school has had in several years

Katie O'Mara, Staff Writer

For the first time in several years, St. Pius X will host a winter informal dance on Saturday, February 4 in the gym from 7:00-9:30 pm.

The dance was the Student Government’s idea.

“They wanted to do something additional, socially during the winter. So they put it together and we found folks to help,” said Dean of Students Ms. Rachel Braham, adding that students can expect “a really nice evening.”

Students may wear whatever they like, whether that be a dress or suit or jeans and a top, as long as it’s school appropriate.

“We want something for everyone,” Ms. Braham said. 

However, all students must wear tennis shoes or slippers, so as not to damage the gym floors. 

Dean of Students Mr. Chris Murphy will DJ the event.

“I have planned to play some of the group dance songs like the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and ‘The ‘Git Up.’ The Student Council is also sending me a list of songs they would like to hear. The hard part is playing songs without profanity or the wrong message,” Mr. Murphy said.

In addition to his DJing duties, Mr. Murphy will also be a “KJ,” or a karaoke jockey for the event. “I hope some students will put their fears behind them and sing some of their favorite tunes,” Mr. Murphy said.

Tickets cost $15 which will be charged to a students FACTS account. The deadline for ordering is Friday, February 3 at noon, so make sure to round up your friends for some fun this weekend!