March Madness is coming to St. Pius


Miles Johnson

The March Madness 3v3 tournament 

The Student Council will host  a March Madness 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament. Teams face off on March 16 at 3:30 in the Mark Kelly Gymnasium.

 “Anyone can go. Boys and girls are encouraged to play. The whole school can come and watch if they want to,” Said student body president Joey Connell

There is some serious bounty on the line this time around with teams playing for a pot of gold. Of course with a prize like that on the line teams are getting more competitive. Connell said “I’ve heard around town that [6’6”] seniors Kyle Beverly, Colin Beverly, and [6′ 9” Tulane Basketball commit] Spencer Elliott are playing. I think it’s unfair to be quite honest with you.”

When asked about the super team, senior Andy Swartz said, “I’m friends with them, but I’ll say this. They’re ruining the sport.”

Whether you’re a winner or not, this event is fun every year. “Expect brotherhood and sisterhood. We want to see good basketball, competitive basketball, but overall camaraderie and togetherness. And that’s what we want out of St. Pius,” said Connell.

You can sign up to create a team of three and compete here. Sign up quickly before the bracket fills up.