Fine Arts Department shines at annual assembly

The assembly on March 3 showcased impressive performances from all Fine Arts programs

Katie O'Mara, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 3, St. Pius X held its annual Fine Arts Assembly, showcasing work from each of the fine art programs including dance, band, theater, guitar, chorus, visual arts, and music technology. 

The assembly started off with the jazz band, featuring a handful of students who played two “jazz standards.” For those of us who are not musically inclined, Director of Bands Mr. Ian LaBreck was able to break down what a “standard” is.

“Think about classic rock, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Hotel California.’ Those are the things that pop into your mind. In the jazz world, we have that, too. Songs that are played that are popular, ones everybody knows [if you] listen to jazz,” Mr. LaBreck explained.

“One tune was called ‘Moanin’ by Art Blakey, and then the other was ‘Autumn Leaves, and they were pumped up, peppy, and fast-paced. And of course, a couple of our kids soloed,” he said.

One of those students, senior Miles Johnson, described what he felt in the week leading up to his jazz band performance. 

“I didn’t think about how I felt just to avoid the nerves, but right before it I was getting a little nervous, but it was fun. We’ve practiced a lot,” said Johnson, who played the guitar.

After that, the symphonic band played a Spanish march. Next, the percussion ensemble played the 80s staple, “Take on Me” by Aha. The song’s heavy use of synthesizer was imitated by the vibraphone, making a formidable cover of classic. 

Next up was the theater program, who showcased a piece from their winter musical “Curtains.” Dressed in full costume, the entire cast preformed “Show Business” with leading vocals from seniors Connor McCarthy and Helen Thompson.

Then the Dance Company took center stage green flowy outfits to perform their dance titled “Half Light.”

“They learned this choreography at the start of this year, and it was in production for a good bit,” said Director of Dance Mrs. Lisa O’Connor.

“The dance was a contemporary piece choreographed by Ms. Schrama, our other dance teacher here. It really showcased the athleticism of the dancers and their extreme talent and musicality,” she continued.

Chorus members performed two songs, one a duet and the other featuring four students with Chorus Director Mr. Mike Abreu playing the bongo drum.

Afterwards, Technical Director and Music Production teacher Mr. Keith Cordell invited the tech crew to step onto the gym floor and be applauded for their rarely noticed, but crucial behind-the-scenes work.

“I wanted them to get some well-deserved recognition because they are always behind the scenes. They handle the production program, set up all the mixing and instruments, all of the vocalists’ mics,” Mr. Cordell said.

Following the impressive dance, a student band, the Peach Astronauts, were up next. With senior Jack Galvez on guitar, sophomore Luke Pinson on bass, sophomore Rory Stokes on the drums, and sophomore Patrick Davey as the lead vocalist, they played a cover of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song “Eddie.” Near the end of the song, Davey ran around the gym with an American Flag in hand, soliciting roaring applause from the audience.

Finally, the Advanced Guitar and Intermediate Guitar performed a medley of songs, ranging from Ozzy Osbourne to Taylor Swift.

Fine Arts programs are preparing for a busy spring. Stay tuned for the Drama Spring showcase on April 13, the AP Visual Arts Exhibit April 17, the Spring Band Concert April 19, the Spring Chorus Concert, and finally the outdoor Arts Festival May 6.