“Sharing our funk with the world”

The Peach Astronauts are the latest student band ready to take off

Rylee Tozier, Staff Writer

Sure you’ve heard of Lunar Vacation, but they’re not the only band connected to St. Pius X. Like Lunar Vacation, four St. Pius students came together in the guitar room to create The Peach Astronauts. 

At the Fine Arts Assembly in March, the band had their official debut with a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Eddie.”

Band members include sophomores Patrick Davey, Rory Stokes, Luke Pinson, and senior Jack Galvez. Davey is the lead singer, Stokes plays the drums, Pinson plays bass, and Galvez plays the guitar. 

All four of them come from families full of musicians and grew up around music. They decided to create the band to spend time together and show who they are through their music.

“We wanted a way to express ourselves,” said Galvez.

The boys spend most of their time outside of school working together on the band. 

“We work on songs about every day, and we always try to collaborate and work together to create and learn new songs,” said Davey.

As for the actual creation of their music, the average time to compose a song is typically one week. 

“It takes a while to record everyone individually. The actual writing part though does not take as long as you’d think,” said Stokes. 

Davey explained this is because “the lyrics just flow.” 

For the future, the boys want to see how far the band will take them.

“We like using our time creating songs as it gives us a way to have fun and hang out together while sharing our funk with the world,” said Davey.