Three faculty and staff members retire from St. Pius X


Mr. Don Sherwood (left), Mr. Matt Lammers, and Mrs. Jane Udell are retiring this year. They have a combined 75 years of service at St. Pius X.

Madeline Randa, Staff Writer

After decades of hard work, three St. Pius X employees are retiring this May: Science teacher Mr. Matt Lammers, math teacher Mr. Don Sherwood, and counseling administrative assistant Mrs. Jane Udell. Collectively, they have a total of 75 years of dedication to our school, and we thank them for all they’ve done for us!

Mr. Lammers

Mr. Lammers has spent the better part of his life affiliated with St. Pius, both as a student and teacher. After graduating high school, he earned his undergraduate degree from Belmont Abbey and then entered the seminary. He spent time there before realizing that he wasn’t called to the priesthood and instead wanted to be a Catholic educator. He returned to St. Pius in 1985 as a science teacher and never left.

“I’ve been inspired by many students to receive God’s presence, and it’s been really wonderful,” said Mr. Lammers. 

Despite not becoming a priest, his faith coupled with the natural joy of his students have helped him immensely throughout his career.

“No matter what’s going on outside, you know that students are always pretty much happy, and they just kind of pick you up and give you energy,” he said.

In retirement, Mr. Lammers plans to do volunteer work that he didn’t have the time for while working, continue playing music, and relax. 

Mr. Sherwood

Mr. Sherwood was raised in Westchester County, New York. He attended King’s College where he got his degree in Health and Physical Education and then earned his master’s degree at the United States Sport(s) Academy. He’s worked at St. Pius X since 2004.

Sherwood coached basketball for about 30 years and football for 12 years. He went back to school and got his secondary certification in math to set himself apart from the competition for coaching jobs.

His coaching career was highlighted at the beginning of his time at St. Pius when the basketball program was on the rise and the team (featuring current President Aaron Parr) won the region championship.

Seven years later when Mr. Parr returned to St. Pius as a teacher and head boys basketball coach, he asked Mr. Sherwood to be on his staff. Mr. Sherwood said he enjoyed the experience because the team had a “good bunch of kids that worked really hard.”

Although the Covid-19 pandemic was difficult for all involved, schools were among those affected the most. St. Pius had to modify almost everything it did, which called for enhanced teamwork and collaboration among the teachers. As head of the math department, Mr. Sherwood said his teachers “did a pretty good job of teaching math in a pretty bad situation.”

He will miss interacting with other teachers and the joy that standing in front of a classroom brings him. 

“When you are in the classroom actually teaching, that is what you love about teaching,” said Mr. Sherwood.

He said he’s looking forward “to not having to do work outside of school hours” and getting some much-deserved rest in retirement.

Mrs. Udell

The Administrative Assistant for the Counseling Office, Mrs. Udell grew up in Long Island, New York and attended Katherine Gibbs Business School in New York. 

She started working at St. Pius as the Bookstore Manager in 2001 while her eldest son, Chris, was a freshman. Six years later, Mrs. Udell met her husband through the Pius community, and in 2018 she got married on campus. 

Udell’s four children graduated from St. Pius, and she loved being able to stay close to them while they were attending school. 

“Even though they’re not here anymore, I will still have all of the memories,” she said.

She particularly appreciated the Catholic aspect of St. Pius because it is “a place where we start every day with a prayer.” She enjoyed the all-school and lunch period Masses, Wednesday morning Bible study, and the overall religious aspect of the school.

In retirement, Mrs. Udell plans to take care of her grandson, Miles. She looks forward to spending more time with her family and not having to spend time commuting to work, and the day after her final day of work, she’s headed to Italy!