Business and Computer Science Dept. offers a variety of useful elective courses

Elizabeth Hong and Emalyn Yantis

While next school year still seems so far away (we’re just trying to make it to Spring Break), it’s already course registration time for 2020-2021. If you’re looking for an elective, consider taking a computer or business class. These classes are extremely practical and teach a variety of useful life skills, according to Business and Computer Science Department Chair Mrs. Liz Schupp. Additionally, computer science is an up-and-coming field that holds a lot of promise for the future. 

Web Design, Computer Programming I, AP Computer Science A, and AP Computer Science Principles are four courses that teach practical computer skills as well as computational thinking, a skill that can be applied to a variety of other domains. Students will also become familiar with coding in these courses, which is a useful skill set to have in our technology-driven world. Both AP computer science courses count as a fourth-year science credit as well.

For those who are looking for a way to get creative with their tech skills, try Media Technology, a video editing course that teaches students how to film and create videos using Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere, and Audition. Computer Publishing and Graphics is another course that focuses on graphic software programs such as Photoshop and Animate. 

If you’re more interested in business classes, consider enrolling in Business Law, Accounting, or Marketing. Each of these semester-long courses teach topics and skills that will stick with you throughout your entire life, especially if you’re considering an occupation in the business world.