Seniors, and a teacher, head to college


Anna Buyarski, Staff Writer

We’ve all heard about the amazing colleges our seniors plan to attend in the fall. They span from north to south, east to west, small to big, fun to Catholic. Let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on certain members of our community who will pursue a unique college experience.

Tucker Bush: St. Pius is X is incredibly proud of our very own Tucker Bush who will be attending University of Southern California on a rowing scholarship! He is very thankful to his parents, who have poured so much time and energy into nurturing Tucker’s talent. 

His father, Kristian Bush, one half of the wildly successful country music duo Sugarland, has especially devoted significant resources to give Tucker the best chance possible of being accepted to USC. What a man! 

Unfortunately, Tucker is violently camera shy and feels he performs worse on the water when people take photos, so there is no documentation of his talent. But don’t be fooled, his appetite for rowing is far from jaded. 

“Rowing? Oh ya. I do that,” Tucker exclaimed with vigor. We wish him the best of luck on his collegiate journey. 

Madi Reynolds: In hopes of pursuing her burning passion for beauty pageants, Madison Reynolds will be attending the University of Beauty Pageantry, somewhere in Texas probably. She hopes to use this education to further her career and gain more recognition in the ever-competitive Pageantsphere. 

With the guidance and motivation of her mother, Madison was fortunate enough to star in the TLC hit “Toddlers and Tiaras” back in 2009 and plans to be featured in the spinoff series, “Toddlers and Tuition.”

“I love pageants so much. They are my pride and joy and my mom has been integral in my success,” Madison said shakily as her mother stood across from her and mouthed the same statement. 

Shockingly enough, Madison’s mother also took part in pageants in her youth, but was never very successful. On the bright side, the University of Beauty Pageantry just began offering on-campus housing for devoted mothers like Madison’s so that they can continue to inspire their daughters in person each and every day. Congrats, roomies! 

Ms. Briscoe: Thought only students were going off to college? Think again. St. Pius X fully supports our very own Ms. Laura Briscoe in her pursuit of her one true love: cinema! 

“Well, thanks for asking. Yes I have been a cinephile for as long as I can remember–always watching the classics whenever I had spare time,” Ms. Briscoe said after not being asked a single question. 

She plans to attend a school somewhere in New York so she can unleash her creative genius and discover her true self. 

She noted, “Yes, so what really draws me into a film is just its sheer power to evoke a highly emotional response. Take ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ for example. The cinematography, score, and cast all combine to create one of the most poignant pieces of art I’ve ever seen. But the ‘Squeakquel,’ wow. [Briscoe pauses to compose herself as she wipes the mascara running down her cheeks] Now that’s nothing short of a masterpiece.” 

With all of her knowledge about film, it is going to be a challenge for Briscoe to not immediately excel in every single thing she attempts at film school. 

“I will try to remain humble. I mean, I understand that not everyone has the resources to access such under-the-radar films like ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’ or ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip,’ so I will do my best to put up with those less learned than me.” 

We really do wish her the best of luck. Really.