New clubs highlight diverse list of extracurricular activities

Elizabeth Hong and Emalyn Yantis

Are you feeling lonely in a Covid-filled world? Do you have a passion for international diplomacy or theater conventions? These clubs could be for you! While the popular favorites are still going strong (we see you, Latin Club), here are some brand new clubs making their debut in 2020. 

Sports Analytics Club with Mrs. Stilson

Why should I join this club?

“[Sports analytics is] interesting and applicable to future professions,” club moderator Mrs. Stilson said. It also helps to students make connections with what they do in math class to real-world applications and scenarios.

Do I have to have any experience playing sports to join?

“Nope, nope,” Mrs. Stilson said, adding, “You could be a sports player interested in math or just interested in statistics in general.”

When are the meetings and how long will they last?

They haven’t set meeting times yet, however, they are working it out right now! Most likely, they will meet once a month in person, “and we will try to have Zoom meetings beyond that,” according to Mrs. Stilson. The club is also open to having guest speakers attend the meetings but don’t have any planned yet.

Model UN with Mr. Thomas

Why should I  join this club?

Model UN focuses on how the United Nations should decide to deal with situations. 

“We live in a chaotic world that is often difficult to make sense of,” club moderator Mr. Thomas said. “This [group] provides students with an opportunity to come together to learn about issues that [we] are facing in the world today, but also in the world we will live in 20, 30 years [from now].”

The club finds solutions for these issues in a fun, team building way. Senior Sofia Baron specified that it is really fun to “pretend like they are the United Nations.”

What types of interests should I have to enjoy coming to meetings and events?

Anyone who has an interest in news events, world events, learning about different cultures and countries would really enjoy Model UN. It requires zero experience to join.

“Public speaking is an important part of Model UN,” Mr. Thomas added. “You should be comfortable with that.” 

What happens at a typical meeting?

“Meetings aren’t necessarily regular meetings,” Mr. Thomas explained. “We have usually two conferences a year. We meet about a month or a month and a half before each conference, and meetings usually last for 45 minutes or so.”

Diverse Student Union with Ms. Kramer

What is this club?

According to senior Lauen Ashe, one of the group’s student leaders, this Diverse Student Union serves to “embrace acceptance of culture and race” and provide a “safe space.” They’ve been active since this summer, and one of their first actions was to help craft the diversity statement that is now at the beginning of the student handbook and in every teacher’s syllabus. 

What happens at a typical meeting?

Meetings focus on big and small issues they would like to see fixed in the school and serve as a bridge between the students and administration. Ashe said they will try to “put things into motion” so that ideas can become a reality. 

Why was this club created?

In light of the recent social justice issues across the nation, students approached the administration over the summer to push for the Diverse Student Union. Its purpose is to help students communicate their thoughts to administration and to create a welcoming space for all students where they could express themselves freely. 

How can I join this club?

The club is open to all students. Email Ms. Kramer, Ashe, or any of the other club leaders, seniors Nita McCulla, Claire Ripoll, Sophia Ripoll, and Halla Terris

International Thespian Society with Mrs. Buot

What is this club? 

The International Thespian Society celebrates all students involved with theater, both performance and production. It also encourages active involvement, and students have the opportunity to earn points based on their participation, with various achievements worth different point values.  Troupe Director Mrs. Buot said they focus on  at their monthly meetings. 

Do I have to be in the theater program to join?

No. “Anyone is welcome to join,” Troupe Director Mrs. Buot said, regardless of their involvement in theater. Theater enthusiasts are especially encouraged to join. 

What is the annual convention?

The convention is held in Georgia every year and includes workshops, shows, competitions, and opportunities for scholarships. “Over 6,000 thespians from around Georgia attend every year,” according to Mrs. Buot, however, it is virtual this year.

What happens at a typical meeting?

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month, and they focus on “preparing for competitions, service projects, and theater games,” according to Mrs. Buot. Their service project for this month is a canned food drive. 


While clubs might not be the first thing on your mind during this hectic and unusual start to the school year, getting more involved at school could help keep you occupied and maintain a routine. For more information about all of the clubs at St. Pius X, visit the “Activities, Clubs, and Organizations” page on PowerSchool Learning.