Seaver Cat speaks out: “I am a cat of dignity”


In the wake of a tumultuous global crisis, one thing has stayed constant at St. Pius X–the famous Seaver Cat. Seaver Cat, the cat that roams the area near Seaver Field, is one of the most enigmatic figures at St. Pius, which is why our staff has taken the time to interview the famous feline. 

Seaver Cat is very popular among St. Pius students, but she’s noticed many people don’t know a lot about her. 

“First of all my name is Mia,” Seaver Cat said. “I don’t know why people keep calling me ‘Seaver Cat,’ it’s not like I live there.”

Seaver Cat is notorious for interrupting sports team practices and sometimes even games. 

“Yeah, I don’t understand people’s obsession with me. I come over to this place with a bunch of shiny colors and people yelling to see what the fuss is about, and suddenly there are 20 people surrounding me in funny equipment and trying to touch me. It’s all very overwhelming,” she said as she chased after a bird. 

The cat also wanted to address a few occasions of privacy invasion.

“People just don’t get that I have a very nice Ma and Pa at home who feed me Fancy Feline and let me watch ‘Jeopardy!’ with them before bed. Do I look like I want to be taken home by some grimy little sophomore who doesn’t know what shampoo is? Absolutely not,” she scoffed.

Even more startling was her attempted kidnapping earlier this year.

“It was so rude, this kid just comes up and picks me up very roughly. I don’t think he’s ever held a cat in his life because if he had his eye would’ve been scratched out, and then he proceeds to carry me into some minivan that smells like expired Ritz crackers and almost drives away with me. Do I look like some stray? I am a cat of dignity for crying out loud,” she said.

However, she does acknowledge the generosity of some of the other students she has come in contact with.  

“When I tell you I have lived lavishly, I cannot even describe it. I have eaten every type of food; class birthday cupcakes, expired beef jerky, leftover munchkins, those things you call ‘tater tots.’ I have lived a very fulfilling life, yes I have,” she purred. 

While Seaver Cat feels she is somewhat misunderstood and a little abused, she thanks the St. Pius community for their food and their affection.