Say hello to the newest faculty member, Ed Sheeran

The Grammy-winning star will take over the guitar program

Chloe Dierkes, Staff Writer

As many St. Pius X students know, Mr. Brion Kennedy, our talented guitar teacher, is leaving us to teach at Harpeth Hall in Nashville, TN, which has produced many famous alumni including Reese Witherspoon and Amy Grant. 

So, while Mr. Kennedy is leaving to teach the soon-to-be famous, we are receiving an already renowned celebrity to replace him.

This has been strictly confidential until now, but the new hire has agreed to let his secret out: Joining the faculty next year will be the four-time Grammy award winning, singer, songwriter, and guitar player Ed Sheeran! 

Sheeran decided to make Atlanta his new home, and after applying for several teaching positions around town, he found the perfect place.

“I really like St. Pius. I grew up in a large Catholic family in the U.K., so I feel very at home here,” Sheeran said.

When asked what drew him the most to St. Pius, he replied, “I noticed Ms. Brannon right away, and her beautiful rich accent reminds me of home. Ms. Brannon and I have high hopes that one day every teacher in the Fine Arts wing will be British so we can have a nice tea time together.” 

Sheeran learned how to play guitar when he was 11 years old and is undoubtedly one of the best guitar players of our time.

“I can’t wait to teach my passion to the next generation. I definitely think I was the right choice for St. Pius,” he excitedly gushed.

One reason Sheeran and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, are moving to Atlanta is for their daughter, Lyra. 

“We want our daughter to have a normal childhood,” Sheeran said. “We figured that raising her on our multi-million dollar estate back in Suffolk might make her a snob, so we are taking a break from all of the fame and luxury for right now.” 

As most Sheerios, the name for committed Sheeran fans, already know, Sheeran is leaving his pop background to pursue country music. 

“That’s the main reason for our big move. Many country stars are from Georgia, so I’ve decided to come here and see if some of the Georgia country magic can rub off on me,” he said. “I feel like I already have the look–My ginger hair, my glasses, everything about me radiates country.”

When asked about how he thinks people will receive this crazy change, he said, “I know some people are a little confused about my switch to country, but look at my good friend Taylor Swift. She changes her music style every year, and the fresh beats are what keep her fans engaged. I can’t wait to take my fans into this new phase along with me!” 

The main thing Sheeran is excited for is the guitar concerts. 

“I’ve looked at the set list from the past few years, and none of them have included any of my music. I would definitely like to change that. I think that having the students perform some of my new songs will be great promoting for me,” Sheeran explained. 

Rest assured, Sheeran has high hopes for next year’s guitar classes, so make sure to sign up before course registration closes!