Downtown Atlanta offers a variety of fun activities

Elizabeth Nark, Staff Writer

Are you bored over the weekend with nothing to do? Are you finally leaving quarantine for the first time in months and looking for some fun activities? Look no further than downtown Atlanta and these four popular spots!

You will never be disappointed at the Georgia Aquarium. Across six exhibits, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Junior Lucy Vrazel said, “I love the aquarium and all the aquatic creatures you are able to see. I like the seahorses, penguins, and beluga whales, lol.” The aquarium includes interactive exhibits, a 3-D movie theater, a gift shop, and a water-themed café. Guests are sure to have a pleasant experience.

The SkyView is a ferris wheel experience centered in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Twenty stories above Centennial Olympic Park, breathtaking scenery is ensured. “It gives a huge view of the city and I got to see the city from a different view,” freshman Grace Malone said about the ferris wheel. Towering nearly twenty stories above downtown Atlanta, the fifteen minute ride includes four full rotations of the ferris wheel. Averaging around $13.50 for a ride, it is a cheap yet enjoyable activity in downtown Atlanta. 

The World of Coca-Cola is always a fan favorite. The interactive environment, especially the tasting room, is also a huge people pleaser. “I liked the tasting room and thought it was a fun experience for my family and me,” senior Cal Peterson said. The museum also features twelve exhibits highlighting Coca-Cola’s history.

Since 1973, the Botanical Gardens is always a beloved spot in Atlanta. With seasonal decorations and thousands of flowers, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is the place to be. To ensure customers have a dynamic visit, the gardens change their decor according to each season, and these changing exhibits catch everyone’s eye. Sophomore Liv Diaz said, “It’s so pretty [and] there’s a lot of plants. It’s a big area to get out and enjoy nature. I recommend it.”

The Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Eye, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Botanical Gardens are all well-liked activities that are sure to entertain and amuse guests.