Guitarists take the stage this week at the annual Spring Guitar Concert


Staff photo

Advanced guitar students perform at the Fine Arts Assembly in March.

Marie Reichard, Staff Writer

St. Pius X will hold its annual Spring Guitar Concert March 30-31 at 7:00 pm.  

Featuring students from all three levels of guitar class, the musicians are looking forward to their most fun and exciting performance all year. 

“It’s definitely more of a relaxed, fun concert because the Christmas Concert is really where you have to do the uptight classical stuff,” senior advanced guitar player Reagan Andrews said. “But the Spring Guitar concert is a lot of fun because you can basically make it your own. It’s really student-led, and you can choose all the songs yourself.” 

Each group of performers selected their own music to learn and play, and the seniors will play a special song to close out the event. 

“The show will be structured. Beginning will play all of its songs, and then Intermediate will play all of its songs, and then Advanced will,” senior advanced guitar player Neve Thanner said. “All three classes have chosen different songs to perform and they are all mostly on electric guitar. They are usually more recent music.” 

Throughout the year and especially as practices intensified in the weeks leading up to the Spring Guitar Concert, the students have built strong friendships as they share the triumphs and struggles with playing a musical instrument. After their own performance at the concert, they look forward to stepping off the stage and sitting in the audience to enjoy music from their friends.

“I’ve always had fun. I’ve always been able to just relax once I perform, watch with friends, and watch all the events,” junior Miles Johnson said. “If I could describe it, it would be energetic. Hectic, but not quite.” 

Thanner still remembers watching the older groups perform when she was an underclassman.

“When I was in Intermediate and Beginner, I always wanted to watch Advanced because they were the best. They always put on the best show of all three of the different classes. So now being in Advanced, it’s cool that I get to be part of that, ” she said. 

In addition to their own personal goals for the performance, students also said they have goals for the audience as well. 

“My goal is for everyone in the crowd singing along. I want the crowd to have a lot of fun,” Johnson said. 

Andrews said, “Hopefully it will inspire someone to play an instrument. I obviously want to do well, but at the end of the day, it’s just to have fun. Hopefully people enjoy themselves while watching, but it’s also for the students too.”

Thanner added, “I feel like it’s already established that guitar at Pius is pretty good and a big deal. I want the audience to understand all the hard work we have put in all year.” 

Freshman beginning guitarist Billy McCluskey said he can’t wait for the shows.

“Everyone is going to be in a good mood, and we are all just going to be very excited about the event,” he said. “I want them [the audience] to see how well Mr. Buot has trained us and how incredible of a teacher he is.”

Tickets are still available for both performances, so don’t miss out on this fun event!