Theatre program performs final show of the year, “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon”

Chaotic comedy features popular fairy tales in an unusual way


Marie Reichard, Staff Writer

The theatre program takes the stage Thursday, May 5 – Saturday, May 7 to perform their spring play, “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.” 

Narrated by two characters, the show features a collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

“The two main characters are the narrators and the Brothers Grimm super fans,” senior Bianca Cardona said. “You just see them and the actors as they perform each show, do these crazy things, put on funny voices, and do funny actions. It’s not meant to be too deep but a time for good laughs.” 

The show doesn’t have a consistent structure and should catch the audience by surprise with its chaotic nature and inaccurate details of the fairy tales.

“There isn’t one main plotline because there are so many things going on throughout the show,” said senior Gracie Rosenberg, who is also an assistant director of the play. “A lot of people are playing more than one role, so it’s very fun to watch everyone.”

Junior Zainab Hicks added, “All of the characters’ lives are all intertwined. It’s like a mega super story of all of the most iconic fairy tales. Everyone is a grandmother, a little girl, [or a combination of other characters].” 

Often these characters are very different, which challenges the performers as they adapt to different roles. For example, freshman Reese Hillman plays Gretel and Cinderella.

“They are very contrasting roles because this girl (Gretel) is a diva and all she wants is attention. She’s the best in the room, most important, and very loud. I can exhibit qualities in both sides and that’s why it’s kind of funny,” she explained.

Hicks plays the role of Narrator One.

“I’m very strict with myself,” she said. “I can be very narrow in certain things, especially academic wise. I’m dry witted, so that’s why I think I connect with Narrator One where it’s just saying things off the top of my head, which I probably shouldn’t say, but makes you laugh.” 

Sophomore Reagan Hoback also said she could connect with her character. 

“I really relate to the character a lot in being loud all the time and making jokes at inappropriate times.” 

This is the first year that the theater program has ended the school year with a lighthearted and comical play for the seniors and a great start to summer vacation for the rest of the student body. 

“Spring plays have definitely been pretty loaded just because senior exams are coming up and rehearsals get heavier as the workload gets heavier,” Cardona said. “At the end of your time being a senior, you see all these cool things that you have been working for. This will always be a tradition.” 

All the actors share a common goal for the audience to get out of this play: to make people laugh as they relax for a short period of time and escape any pressures of the outside world. 

“Everything has been so high energy. People are excited for change. This is the finale of the school year and letting all that energy out on stage,” Hicks said.

Do not miss out on this hilarious play that’s bound to put a smile on your face. Click here to see showtimes and purchase your tickets today.