Class of 2019 prepares for bright futures

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Class of 2019 prepares for bright futures

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Good luck to the Class of 2019 as they graduate from St. Pius X and get ready to head off to 78 different colleges and universities. The class also earned a total of $20,922,447 in scholarship money, not including the HOPE Scholarship. Congratulations!

Matthew Adams Mercer University
Georgia Aguirre Georgia State
Sophia Alarcon Loyola University Chicago
Nolan Aldrich University of Mississippi
Corinna Alting Georgia Tech
Jason Anandappa University of Central Florida
Sofia Andino University of Kansas
Carmen Anglin Auburn University
Maria Balthazar University of South Carolina
Grace Balzer Ohio State University
Nicolas Bartholomai Georgia Tech
Grace Bartle Auburn University
Justin Batista Gwinnett College
Josie Bauer Auburn University
Katie Beard University of Georgia
Ryan Beason University of North Georgia
Neal Belden Loyola University Chicago
Michael Benefield Butler University
Katelyn Beneito University of Georgia
Alex Benjamin University of Kentucky
Joseph Benoit University of South Carolina
Jill Bergeron Georgia Tech
Jillian Bertulfo University of Florida
Elizabeth Betteker Georgia College
Eve Beyer University of Alabama at Birmingham
Annie Bicego Tulane University
Olivia Bily Villanova University
James Bir University of Georgia
Riley Bissell University of Tennessee
Minnie Black Savannah College of Art and Design
Laura Blackburn University of Vermont
Ansley Boykin University of Georgia
Emmett Branford University of Montevallo
Lance Bridges Kennesaw State University
Georgia Brieske University of Georgia
Will Briones University of Kentucky
Niko Broadway Georgia Tech
Abby Brown Louisiana State University
Connor Brown University of Mississippi
Gabby Brown Berry College
Kevin Brown Kennesaw State University
Kate Brozovic University of Mississippi
Anna Clare Bruce University of Kentucky
Joe Brunner Auburn University
Britton Buchanan University of Tennessee
Clara Buckley Georgia Tech
Blake Buhler Long Island University Post
Emily Buis Georgia Southern
Benjamin Burnett University of Georgia
Craig Butler Florida State University
Katherine Bynum Georgia College
Ryan Carney Kennesaw State University
Jack Carson Georgia State
Catherine Case Clemson University
Calvan Chase University of Amsterdam
Helen Cherry University of Georgia
Lexie Clarkson Kennesaw State University
Kyle Cochran University of Georgia
Abby Cohen Georgia Tech
Erin Collins Auburn University
Anna Consolazio University of Georgia
Austin Coody Jacksonville State University
Riley Costas Berry College
Stephanie Cozine University of Georgia
Abby Craver Purdue University
Ian Cummings University of Kansas
Olivia DiGiacomo Georgia College
Ashley Downen Kennesaw State University
Justin Doychak Xavier University
Emma Drash Georgia State
Jared Druss Emory University
Tanner Duffin University of Michigan
Maggie Dunham Georgia College
Carmella Durand Kennesaw State University
Richard Echols Georgia College
Connor Egan University of Georgia
Cola Emling University of Dayton
Shemar Etienne Georgia College
Jack Fahy Auburn University
Lauren Fairleigh University of Georgia
Paola Fernandez University of West Georgia
Anthony Ficco University of Kansas
Nico Fontova University of Georgia
Emily Foster University of Southern California
Nicolas Galtere University of North Georgia
Trent Gavron Auburn University
Sebastian Giraldo Georgia State
Ellie Glenn Santa Clara University
Kate Glennon University of Georgia
Brian Gonzalo University of Notre Dame
Matt Gonzalo Washington University in St. Louis
Charlotte Graddock Clemson University
Jared Grage Piedmont College
Gabriella Gramoglia Georgia College
Sam Granelli University of South Carolina
Luke Griffin LaGrange College
Victoria Gronczewski Georgia College
Ian Grum University of Georgia
Caroline Hall University of Mississippi
Graham Hardy University of Georgia
Matthew Harris University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Katherine Harry University of Kentucky
Jude Harvey Georgia College
Max Haslach Georgia State
Gabriella Hegwood Auburn University
Kemper Higgins University of Georgia
Annie Hodge Furman University
Blake Horne Georgia Southern
Matthew Horner University of Mississippi
Jameson Horton DePaul University
Maddy Houk Birmingham-Southern College
Loren House University of Hawaii
Olivia Huddleston University of Georgia
Steven Hudson Berry College
Maddy Huerkamp Kennesaw State University
JR Hull Georgia Tech
Henry Humphrey Auburn University
Clare Hungeling Marymount Manhattan College
Ella Cate Hungeling University of Notre Dame
Audrey Ingham University of Georgia
Patrick Jackson University of Georgia
Jason Jones Georgia Southern
Versailles Jones The University of the Arts
Catherine Joseph Kennesaw State University
Mary Joyce Kent State University
Monserrath Juarez Emory University
Hannah Jung Indiana University
Liza Karalexis Loyola University Chicago
Kathryn Kavanagh University of Tennessee
Grey Kenna Sewanee: The University of the South
William Kibler University of South Carolina
Stephen Kinsel University of North Georgia
Davis Kirkland Georgia Southern
Joe Koenraad Georgia State
Helen Kolker Auburn University
Erik Kolvereid University of South Carolina
Nicholas Kosek University of Kentucky
Evan Kreitner Kennesaw State University
Patrick Kremer University of Mississippi
Lindsey Kuipers Auburn University
Ben Lathrop Kennesaw State University
Sean Laubenthal Georgia Southern
Christina Leahey University of Tennessee
Marley Lentine-Brown Georgia College
Patrick Leonard University of Georgia
Nicole Liss Kennesaw State University
Garrett Loges University of Alabama
Melani Macik Georgia State
George Madathany Georgia Tech
Michael Marcinko Georgia College
Leah Marcus Auburn University
Santi Martinez University of Kentucky
Vincent Martinez Georgia College
Lily Massey University of Virginia
Gabby McCluskey Georgia College
Alex McDonald University of Kentucky
Jack McDonald Clemson University
Gavin McElroy Auburn University
Benjamin McKey Georgia College
Brandon McLaughlin Florida State University
Luke Mersberger University of Georgia
Christopher Miller Georgia Tech
McKenzie Miller Auburn University
Christian Minchew Georgia State
Haley Minne Nova Southeastern University
DeMarcus Mitchell Georgia Southern
Matthew Mitchell Georgia State
Patrick Molnar Florida State University
Michelle Moncayo Kennesaw State University
John Montello U.S. Marine Corp.
Del Moody Purdue University
Sydney Morrison Auburn University
Max Muenchen Auburn University
Thomas Mulloy University of Kentucky
Feruz Mussie University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sara Nall Georgia State
Steven Nguyen Georgia State
Andrew Northway University of Alabama at Birmingham
Robert O’Brien Kennesaw State University
Phillip Okafor Kennesaw State University
Carolay Ospina University of North Carolina Asheville
Renee Otieno University of Georgia
John Owens Middle Tennessee State University
Justin Paetznick Georgia College
Brendan Painter University of South Carolina
Christopher Painter Auburn University
Matthew Peragine Georgia Southern
Mitchell Philipp Georgia Tech
Julia Pina Georgia Tech
Ryan Planas Barry University
Ava Polvino Loyola Marymount University
Anna Porter College of William & Mary
Jacob Porter Georgia Tech  
Lily Porter University of Georgia
Will Possert Texas A&M University
Veronica Prieto Elon University
William Queen Auburn University
Gwyneth Ralston University of Alabama
Quinten Ramirez Georgia College
Zach Ranson Wake Forest University
Jessica Rao Agnes Scott College
Audrey Rawlins University of Tennessee
William Reese Auburn University
Issy Regas University of Georgia
Anna Reigner University of Virginia
Blake Reynolds Monmouth University
Emma Richerson Georgia College
Simon Richmond University of Kentucky
Ashley Rizik Auburn University
Joshua Rose University of Missouri
Caroline Rossiter Georgia Southern
Charlie Rowe Georgia College
Jacob Ruggiero Middle Tennessee State University
Christopher Sanders Howard University
Anthony Sanfilippo Undecided
John Scarborough Georgia State University
Regan Schlader Indiana University
Julia Schlueter University of Notre Dame
Addison Schultz University of Michigan
Sam Schwaner Georgia Southern
Ava Schwarze Miami University
Steven Seramur Auburn University
Joe Shaub Kennesaw State University
Ian Shaw University of Alabama
Zach Siebert Mississippi State University
Chandler Simpson University of Alabama Birmingham
Michael Sketel Georgia Tech
Nicholas Skiouris Kennesaw State University
Brooke Sledge University of Georgia
Patrick Snipes Clemson University
Mike Spear Chattanooga State Community College
Bobby Stobierski University of Tennessee
Anthony Stout Birmingham-Southern College
Andrea Sucre Georgia Tech
Daniel Teran Auburn University
Natalie Terzian Georgia State
Emma Tharp University of Georgia
Blake Thatch University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Dominic Thomas Georgia Southern
Sarah Kate Thompson Flagler College
Matthew Thurston University of Georgia
Anthony Tiberia University of Mary Washington
Alex Tran Undecided
Nicolas Tschirhart University of Georgia
Ginny Tschirhart Texas Christian University
Cassidy Tummillo University of Mississippi
Avery Urban Georgia College
Salma Villalta Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta
Ben Voorhies Georgia College
Noah Vrazel Georgia Tech
Michael Wach Kennesaw State University
Griffin Waugh Auburn University
Ella Webb University of Tennessee
Powell Whitaker Auburn University
Mary Grace Whitlark Georgia College
Rebecca Wildman Samford University
Thomas Wiley University of Georgia
Lucy Williams University of Tennessee
Klara Willner University of Georgia
Cydney Wilson University of Mississippi
Luke Winstel Georgia College
Bridget Woods Georgia College
Maggie Yankovich University of Georgia
Patrick Young Kennesaw State University
Emily Zamora Auburn University