OPINION: The best senior lunch spots


Marie Reichard, Staff Writer

Seniors have very few restrictions in choosing where they would like to sit at lunch among five general locations on campus. Each location comes with their own pros and cons, but here is my opinion of the best spots to eat as a senior. 

#1 Area in Front of the St. Pius X Gate

Coming in at number one, we have the area in front of the St. Pius X gate. While sitting on the concrete might not be everyone’s idea of a lunch spot, the freedom to sit away from the rest of the student body is what makes this spot a top favorite. You sit in a chair closed inside all day, so you might as well take the chance to try something different. 

The one downside of course is the weather. It is the best spot, but not for the faint of heart. If the chance of hair flying in your face or occasionally getting sprinkled on does not bother you, then make sure to claim your spot in this area. Even though there will be days where weather doesn’t work in your favor, the perfect days of sunshine make up for the periods of uncomfort. 

#2 Young Center Lobby

Coming in as runner up to the St. Pius X Gate is the Young Center Lobby. Lots of seniors come to this area for its homey feeling. Since everyone is mostly in the same place, you can even talk to other groups. 

Even though this room is a great hotspot for senior lunches, it does have its downsides. Because a table only sits up to four people, the space feels very limited. Although, the seniors somehow find a way to be together by standing at the tables, which allows for more conversation and company. You may get elbowed time from time, your legs might start to ache, or your food could drop on someone else, but you are surrounded by your closest friends. That is all that matters. 

Even with this fix of allowing seniors to stand at tables, this still does not provide enough space for everyone. Some groups may not be able to find a table of their own, so they willingly choose to sit on the gross floor. The irony of this choice is that they enjoy this spot over all else despite how dirty it is. If you do not mind sitting in crusted over ketchup, and who else knows what, then be my guest. Even though the floors get cleaned about once a week, you can still see the dried over food between the cracks and black floors. However, easily talking to everyone without being rained on drives this bold choice.   

#3 Picnic Tables

Number three on my list of favorite senior lunch spots is the picnic tables in the breezeway. People that sit at the tables are separated from others in their grade, but if you like to have a small group lunch with your closest friends, this spot is just right for you. People specifically chose these tables to avoid the rocky and cold ground. Also, being in the calming outdoors comes as a bonus.  

Even though the picnic tables allow you to sit outside in comfort, it can get overcrowded. If an extra person tries to scooch on the bench, someone may fall off on the other end; since that is never pleasant, people try to avoid the situation at all costs. Along with the picnic tables, you can not move the other tables closer together to fit everyone. Because of this conflict, big groups should avoid this spot. We do not need any hard feelings between friends.

#4 The Cafeteria 

The cafeteria takes its rightful place at number four.  All your friends are in the same place, so it’s easy to find them. You can also take advantage of talking to everyone and getting your condiments without a long walk, but the list of drawbacks is much longer. 

This area is known to be the craziest, loudest, and most chaotic setting. Not only do the immovable seats make it difficult to keep up with conversations, but you also have to raise your voice over everyone else; it is not surprising to hear a constant “what?” throughout the period. The seats are also not in a circle, so people in the same row can’t have an enjoyable conversation. In choosing this seating arrangement, you have to put up with the long lunch lines that wrap along your tables. If someone overhearing your conversation doesn’t bother you, then you should have no worries about sitting in the cafeteria. However that’s unsurprisingly not the case, so only a few seniors sit in this area. 

#5 Campus Ministry 

Shockingly, Campus Ministry comes in fifth place. It has such comfortable seating with cozy chairs, fluffy pillows, and a wide open space that no one could have predicted to be the least favorite. Along with the great set ups, there are multiple lunch rooms to choose according to space and liking. 

What holds it back though, is the amount of space available. People like to feel together and close to each other, but Campus Ministry can only hold so many people per room. The rooms still remain open to anyone with a small group looking for a secluded area. 

After reading the reviews, I hope you make the right decision in choosing your future lunch spots. To the rising seniors out there, you’ll have the freedom; take full advantage of it.