OPINION: The best Girl Scout Cookie flavors


Rylee Tozier, Staff Writer

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time again! And with that, debates rise again about which cookie dominates all of the others. I am here to settle once and for all which are my top five favorite Girl Scout Cookies out of the 12 flavors. 

#5 Do-Si-Dos 

Do-si-dos are often overlooked cookies. When you think of them, most people’s brains automatically think of a grandma’s favorite cookie. Is there anything an old lady loves more than two oatmeal cookies smooshed together with peanut butter? The thing is, they aren’t as terrible as people make them out to be. However, I would never willingly choose to eat one if given the option between that and a Thin Mint or Tagalong.

#4 Samoas 

Taking the number four spot, we have Samoas. In all honesty, Samoas are overrated. Even though I’m not a huge caramel fan, I have to give credit to whoever came up with the caramel coating with chocolate drizzle on top. There is a perfect amount of caramel added to the cookie, but the taste of coconut just ruins the entire cookie. What sane person would choose to have coconut added to their cookie? I think Samoas are overrated.

#3 Girl Scout S’mores

While on the newer side, the s’mores’ do not get the hype they deserve. When you take a bite of the cookie, it feels identical to eating s’more. No need to go through all the work of roasting a marshmallow and the steps of making a s’more when you can slip a cookie right out of the packaging that tastes just like one. The only reason I put these at number three is simply that sometimes I am just not in the mood for s’mores. They are delicious, but one has to have a hankering for them in order for the cookies to live up to their full potential.

#2 Tagalongs

Next up, we have one of the originals, Tagalongs. The perfect ratio of peanut butter and chocolate makes my mouth water. It is understandable why some people may not be big fans of these. You really have to commit to the overpowering taste of peanut butter with the chocolate coating. One can only love these if you are a true peanut butter and chocolate fan.  

#1 Thin Mints

Last but not least, we have the classic Thin Mints. You don’t have to be a mint and chocolate person to understand the greatness of these cookies. While there is no judgment for eating them straight out of the sleeve, putting them in the freezer lets you get the full taste of the combination of chocolate and mint. Yes, some people say they are overrated, however, I beg to disagree. You just can’t go wrong with a thin mint cookie. 

After reading my opinion, I hope you take into consideration which cookies are the best. Don’t go buying cookies that aren’t worth your money.